October 04, 2020

Doing meaningful and unmeaningful things

We've had a four-day long weekend for mid-autumn festival, so I've had some time off over the past ten days to do both meaningful things (moving), less meaningful things (visiting random tourist attractions), and not meaningful things (going to more malls). I'm working on improving my vlogging output, so I made some videos about my week!

I moved! Here I talk about my move, how I felt about my last apartment, and give an empty apartment tour of a corner one-bedroom unit at The Luna in Wan Chai.

I visited Noah's Ark! I had no real plans over the long weekend, so on the first day we had off, I visited the Noah's Ark attraction that I've been meaning to see for a while now.

I wandered around a mall. No plans over the long weekend continued, I took the MTR out to Yoho Mall for a wander around. Later that night I had dinner at Bibi&Baba, the new Peranakan restaurant in Wan Chai.