September 25, 2020

Hong Kong Disneyland reopens (again)

Hi guys! I'm a huge Disney fan, so I was so excited that Hong Kong Disneyland finally reopened today, September 25, after more than two months closed because of the coronavirus and social distancing regulations here in Hong Kong. Two of my friends were also super-excited for the first day of HK Disneyland's reopening, so we all took the day off work and spent the day at the park.

I was *especially* super-excited to see the progress on Hong Kong Disneyland's Castle of Magical Dreams, which they've been working on over the past year and is slated to fully open to the public later this year. (I know this is such a repetitive video because, well, I just went to Disneyland in July when it reopened the last time, but I love it there and was so excited to go on reopening day!)

September 05, 2020

What happens to stress and anxiety without the usual outlets?

Something really difficult I've been working through over the past year and a half is how to cope with stress and anxiety as a new expat, without a local support network and, in a year of civil unrest and Covid, an inconsistent routine and constantly changing access to resources and community gathering spaces like gyms and restaurants. It's been really hard! I've also been thinking a lot about what the near-ish future could look like—on a personal level. The circumstances of 2020 have changed my perspective on a lot of things I used to take for granted, and I've been trying to answer three questions about myself, which I think will help me find my path forward.

  1. What makes me happy?
  2. What am I good at?
  3. What have I failed at?