April 17, 2018

Quick Trip: Chengdu and Chongqing

Three nights in Chengdu and one night in Chongqing: Glorious but not nearly enough time.

— Flew Hainan Airlines' new direct flight from JFK to Chengdu, then back from Chongqing
— Stayed at the Temple House in Chengdu (spectacular, centrally located, walk everywhere)
— Stayed at the JW Marriott in Chongqing (spectacular, centrally located, take a cab everywhere—seriously, that city is massive)

You could probably make a four-day weekend of it, tbh, if you commit to embracing jet lag and sleeping in shifts. More than worth it.

Day 1: NYC to Chengdu

Day 2: Pandas!

I skipped vlogging on Day 3, but here's Day 4: Chengdu to Chongqing

Day 5: Last day in Chongqing