October 31, 2016

Back in action, sorta

Kicked off the week (Halloween Monday!) with a meeting downtown this morning. I've been having some trouble with the space-time continuum today; for the past four hours I've thought it was 1 p.m. I think this has something to do with flying—I always feel pretty wonky and dehydrated 24 hours after any flight. Current status: Eating sliced mango at my desk and contemplating taking a little nap after I write my next Food & Wine story. Having dinner with a friend tonight at BENIHANA (He forwarded me the Opentable reservation without comment this morning. I think this is his idea of a good sense of humor.).

But first, catch-up on my last couple of days at Graceland.

The day I bought a lot of postcards.

The day I saw some ducks in a lobby.

October 28, 2016

Graceland hotel tour, fashion, and GBBO

Good morning Graceland! It's the beginning of my second full day here and this afternoon we're heading over to Graceland proper for a tour. I'm super excited about visiting (esp. the gift shop). Here's a little video of the property tour we took yesterday with the GM along with a few other things my brain put on the internet yesterday.

ElleWhat a celebrity stylist does in a day

Food & WineHere's what we know about the Great British Bake Off Christmas special

October 27, 2016

Hello from Graceland!

Good morning from Graceland! I'm shacking up this weekend at the grand opening of the Guest House at Graceland. It's my first time stepping outside the airport at Memphis and so far (I've been here for 10 hours), I'm loving it. The people are A+, the food is delicious, and the brand new hotel property is stunning.

AllureVintage-inspired looks for Halloween

Food & WineImportant life skill

October 26, 2016

Pop culture Wednesdays

You'd be surprised sometimes how much back-and-forth it takes to make something as simple as a hairstyle or makeup listicle come together.

AllureTaylor Swift's beauty through the years

AllureTaylor Swift's hair through the years

Food & WineNow there's a Dash button for Cheez Its

Food & WineScarlett Johansson's lifelong food dream realized

Food & WineGenius idea: live, social cooking show

Also, I've been thinking I should start doing my hair in my old age. And something about handbags.

October 25, 2016

Monday recap: Shoes and Bourdain

Here are some things I did yesterday before eating sushi for dinner and talking to my friend, a big cahuna at a major publishing house, about core values. That Lululemon Immersion stuff really works, you guys. Last week, right after I landed, I had dinner with a friend and gave him some "real talk" about free will, happiness, and doing things with intention.

Harper's BazaarShoes shoes shoes

ElleDay in the life of a fashion blogger

Food & WineAnthony Bourdain heads to Houston

Food & WineThe great vegan brisket internet fallout of 2016

Food & WineA Bourdain Market non-update

October 24, 2016

A case of the Mondays

New week, new list of Things To Do. Why not procrastinate and buy shoes online instead.

ElleFall's investment shoes

Marie ClaireUseful info for when you can't even on a Monday

October 21, 2016

Friday fashion (and food)

A few things from my brain, scattered around the internet.

Elle4 looks, 1 dress

Harper's BazaarStyle inspo from LA

Marie ClaireHow to wear trends to work

...and one food story about one of my favorite NYC chefs.

Food & WineDominique Ansel's wildest dessert experience yet

October 20, 2016

Three days in Canada

Some things I've been up to this week. Tomorrow, back in NYC.

Day 3: Yoga, workshop, hike, yoga

Day 2: Yoga, lunch, yoga

Day 1: Vancouver to Whistler

October 17, 2016

Snackable content

Hello from Vancouver (again)! Heading to Whistler tonight, but did a 24-hour stop in Vancouver to, uh, sit in my hotel room and write, mostly. I did get to squeeze in a massage last night, which was divine. It's raining outside, so I don't feel too guilty about staying indoors.

Food & WineWhen you really love a pair of shoes

Food & WineNetflix without wifi will soon be a reality

Food & WineNadiya Hussain signs with the BBC

October 15, 2016

5 Things I always bring on trips

1. Socks
2. Mifi
3. USB hub
4. Canvas tote
5. Headphones

Other things I am procrastinating packing right now:
— Books, real print books
— Sweatpants, I never regret bringing sweatpants on a trip
— Glossier Milky Jelly Cleanser
— Simple micellar wipes
— A good handbag
— At least two outerwear options
— A variety of socks

October 13, 2016

I'm still procrastinating

I have 17 stories due in the next six days, a photoshoot tomorrow morning, an all-day travel day Sunday, and two days booked out next week to meditate on a mountaintop in western Canada.

Food & WineBrexit affects Marmite and Pot Noodle supplies

Food & WineSomething about yellow food and I worked VC Andrews into the lede, yassss

Fancy trains and bougie mustard

I love getting out there and talking to people—doing interviews in person, jumping on long phone calls, asking questions, meeting people at their studios and seeing their craft first-hand. But those days where I have lots of meetings and lots of calls are also the days where I get the least amount of writing done. Tried to batch all my big calls and interviews this week into one day (yesterday). While I was out, here's what went online.

Conde Nast TravelerThings to do on a 10 hour train ride

Food & WineGrey Poupon and rap

October 11, 2016

Three different levels of food story

Three different types of food stories from inside my brain today.

Food & WineInterview with and profile of human person I know and like

Food & WineThing about Chinese heritage I found on the internet

Food & WineSomething about carving funny faces into fruit

Look who's back on Glamour.com

Spoiler: It's me.

GlamourCelebrities get creative with handbag holding (Yes this is an actual thing)

October 10, 2016

My first beauty story in years

I haven't been a beauty editor since 2012, when I left my Glamour job at senior online fashion and beauty editor (online was smaller back then and one staff editor could handle both departments—now the fashion and beauty online teams are much more robust). I haven't written a beauty story since! I forgot how much I love writing service-oriented stories (they're also the exact kind of beauty story I like reading most, as well).

ElleEasy ways to straighten hair without using heat

Also here is a random chat about work life stuff.

October 08, 2016

Oculus Saturday

Heading down to the Oculus for the first time later today to meet up with a friend and I remembered I put these shopping stories together for Harper's Bazaar and Marie Claire. Excited to see what the Westfield shopping center downtown has in store! Can't believe this will be my first time there.

Harper's BazaarWhat to wear tonight, for any occasion (I'm especially obsessed with the red Karen Millen dress in the first look—so 80s!

Marie ClaireStash these in your desk for easy after work hijinks

October 07, 2016

October 06, 2016

Catching up, slowly

OK, I spent all morning procrastinating, but got some work done, so now I'm only THREE stories behind. I have a phone interview in an hour, so off to prep for that right now. But first, snacks.

Food & WineLook, I'm still writing about family leave

Food & WineHow to go viral on Instagram

Food & WineWhat is a Marionberry?

Food & WineFruit flies: they're just like us

This is what procrastination looks like

Here is an incomplete list of things I miss about England when I'm not there:

— The milk
— Great newspapers
— The correct way of doing things
— Breakfast
— Television
— Yeo Valley yogurt
— Sandwiches
— Good bookshops everywhere
— Pubs
— London friends
— The country
— Clotted cream

Here is an incomplete list of things I miss about New York when I'm not here:

— Seamless.com
— Family
— My really fast home wifi
— My bed

Places I still really want to go:

— Easter Island
— St. Petersburg
— Moscow
— Saudi Arabia
— Morocco
— Macau
— Chengdu
— Mongolia
— Hawaii

Places I'd really like to return to:

— Cairo
— Aswan
— Beirut
— Damascus
— Taiwan
— Nairobi
— Dubai
— Alaska

October 05, 2016

Social life and science

A+ social day yesterday—got to have a late lunch with one of my favorite former colleagues, then drinks/interview with one of my favorite menswear gurus, then a press dinner with Patagonia (one of my favorite brands) which was hosted by one of my favorite humans and where I bumped into a few of my favorite media humans.

That said, I didn't get very much work done, but here are two tiny science things.

Food & WineA tall Pike Place Roast a day could help prevent dementia

Food & WineWhen is Hyperloop coming?

October 04, 2016

October 03, 2016

Panama City Beach without spring breakers

I had such a fun time in Panama City Beach last month—and as a first-timer who'd popped down to the region expecting wild partying and spring break craziness, I was super-surprised to discover a very mellow family-oriented, not-crowded-at-all, seafood-and-beach vacay atmosphere. Here's my teeny tiny tip sheet for anyone looking to head down to PCB and avoid the party scene (which seems to only happen in one very limited part of town anyway).

Food & WineThe softer side of spring break

Good morning Monday!

Some fashion bits and pieces for this morning.

Harper's BazaarStyling tips to steal from the runway

Harper's BazaarEvening bag, you know you need one

Marie ClaireHands-free bags to make your life easier