March 27, 2016

11 Things I'm Reading Right Now

One of the biggest obstacles standing between me and all my hopes and dreams (read: making more and better YouTube videos) is that I'm actually, secretly, for the most part a very boring human—at least when I'm in New York, that is. I know it seems counterintuitive—how could being in New York ever be boring? But I grew up here, and just like any place anyone spends nearly their entire life, I see the city through a lens of everyday familiarity. It's when I travel outside of New York—to places like South Dakota, Colorado, California, Kenya, Tanzania, China—that I'm invigorated and excited by my environment. I guess what I'm trying to say here is that when I'm in New York, I'm usually working 50-60 hours weeks at my day job, and on the weekends I putz around my apartment and the neighborhood, enjoying spending time with myself or with family. I wake up every morning and imagine how fun it would be to vlog my day—but then I realize that going to the office or popping a load of laundry into the machine downstairs might not make for very interesting content.

That said, I'm not going to let my little humdrum existence stop me from practicing making YouTube videos! This morning I promised myself I'd make one—because I skipped filming last weekend—so I did this one, above, which is about a pretty boring topic, I guess: books and magazines (paper products!). Maybe I'll try that thing people do and challenge myself to vlog every day for a month, just to get into the habit. Stay tuned.

March 21, 2016

I'm obsessed with #TeamGeorge on The Voice UK

OK, let's be real, I've loved Boy George since 1983. And now he's on The Voice UK, I love him even more—especially for breaking the mold and selecting singers for #TeamGeorge who look like the teenagers we all feel like on the inside.

Cody Frost:

And, last week, duet-ing Nothing Compares 2 U (I cried)

Harry Fisher:

I will always have the deepest admiration and respect for people who aren't afraid to dress and style themselves exactly how they want to and how they feel.

March 12, 2016


Every year at Thanksgiving, for a few years in a row sometime around the 10th anniversary of our college graduation, my friend Grace would come to New York to see her family and we'd spend the Saturday hanging out, catching up, doing a spot of shopping, and pontificating on where we were and how far we'd come since school (and over the last year).

In 2013, Grace and I repeated our tradition—and, I guess because both of us were sort of feeling the nearly-15-years-out-of-college are-we-in-a-rut blues, we made a new year's resolutions pact: that by the end of 2014 we'd each have started and finished a writing project and gotten boyfriends.

Well, as you've probably already deduced, I am terrible at follow-through and did neither. Grace, who's much better at being a grown-up than I am, did both. And this September she's marrying the love of her life and I am so happy for her. *Insert heart eyes emoji here*

The moral of this story is to always stick with your new year's resolutions.

March 10, 2016

March 01, 2016

Wannabe YouTuber

Over the past few months, outside of work and even though I'm old, I've really rededicated myself to watching videos on the Internet—specifically videos made by popular vloggers. Some of my favorites include Zoella, iJustine, Casey Neistat, and Zoe's boyfriend Alfie. I guess I love YouTube for the same reasons everyone else loves it: on-demand, bite-sized programming that doesn't feel canned or too contrived. It's high-energy (or low-energy for you fans of ASMR out there) and vloggers cover everything these days—last week I watched a lot of what-fits-in-my-handbag videos and this week I'm back to regularly scheduled daily vlog programming. I also watch a lot of YouTube from a media person's point of view—with sort of a curiosity about what makes the next generation tick, how millennials communicate, exchange ideas, and are building an entirely new medium from the ground up by sheer force of will (a mass movement).

I'd be lying if I said I didn't want to make YouTube videos of my own—and I have, here and there. I loved making snack videos with my old coworkers at Glamour, like this one where we taste-tested mystery chips:

But I started a new job about a month ago and I don't really have any good friends yet at work (plus I'm not sure I'm ready to show my new team my newfangled packaged-food-obsessive side yet) so I haven't done any group snack videos in a while. I miss making them! So much so I was thinking about getting my siblings involved in a jelly bean taste test video (but I'm not sure we share the same sensibilities or weird senses of humor).

Anyway, I think now that I'm in a new office environment, I might have to strike out on my own and come up with at-home talking-to-the-camera YouTube videos to make. I made a makeup one the other day, just for kicks (top), and I'm thinking of slightly more offbeat ideas I can put together. Maybe I will do something with Peeps. I also wonder all the time whether I'm too old to be doing this YouTube thing, but maybe not? Let's see.