October 08, 2015

Wants and desires, late-2015 edition

— Seeing an independent creative project from beginning to end
— Having time to develop a concept for a creative project to see from beginning to end
— Having people over and throwing dinner parties at home
— Cooking for family and friends
— Introducing my friends from different groups to each other
— Creating connections between thought leaders, watching what happens next
— A job that takes up no more than 12 hours of each day
— Travel to unexpected places (and maybe some expected places) one week each month
— Meeting strangers in unexpected places and hearing their stories
— Teaching and mentoring young writers
— Starting a small content company with brilliant people I know
— Reading that growing pile of books and magazines next to my bed
— Getting more massages, finding the best massage in New York City
— Eating more fresh vegetables
— A country house with a garden where I can keep pygmy goats and bunny rabbits
— Mastery over some means of independent transportation involving wheels
— A printer at home that works and doesn't arbitrarily stop working
— Working with friends to create powerful fashion visual images
— Spending more time in China
— Less stress
— Managed expectations
— Auditing undergrad literature classes
— 35 spare minutes to walk to work every morning
— Perfect skin
— Owning and reading every single Nigella Lawson cookbook (I think I'm close)
— A custom built-in bookcase
— More good, less bad.