September 30, 2013

Where I've been, what I've been doing.

Ben Saunders / Why Bother Leaving The House?

"If I've learned anything in nearly 12 years now of dragging heavy things around cold places, it's that true, real inspiration and growth only comes from adversity and from challenge."

September 26, 2013

September 21, 2013

We did a lot of stuff today.

Best. Day. Ever.

1. We went to Williams, Arizona.

2. We had lunch steak at Rod's Steakhouse.

3. We went to the Grand Canyon.

4. We went to Walmart.

5. We crashed a Flagstaff high school football game. It was homecoming!

6. We got rejected from Lumberyard bar and grill because they hated Conor's Irish driver's license.

7. We had an amazing dinner at Tinderbox.

Other things that happened: I took this photo of Sara, we all had a crush on our driver, we came up with an epic idea of what to do on Monday night, and we wore double denim (above).

September 19, 2013

El Santuario De Guadalupe

My favorite place in Santa Fe: el Santuario de Guadalupe, built in the late 1700s, it's the oldest shrine to Our Lady of Guadalupe in the United States. It's so quiet. And I love its stark simplicity. I'm generally also fairly indifferent to statues, but I adore the Our Lady of Guadalupe outside the chapel.

September 15, 2013

September 06, 2013

Houellebecq on Love

Q: What makes you love a woman?

Michel Houellebecq: A form of honesty. What I really can't stand, for example, is coyness, teasing, putting on an act. Love is the most stimulating connection between two people because it's both intellectual and physical. Sometimes it can go flat simply because of the way a person's skin feels. In The Banquet, Plato writes about two people who rush into each other's arms as though they knew each other already. It's a magnificent passage. It means something if you believe in reincarnation: they had already met in a previous life. If you don't, this instant impression of familiarity is a complete mystery. A mystery, but it exists. The relationship immediately feels right, natural, it just flows.

September 03, 2013

Could I live in a place like this?

Some of the best vacations I've ever taken are the ones where I go off somewhere, sort of on my own, sort of in a group, usually with two different kinds of sneakers, maybe a Camelbak, and don't have to wear makeup for a week. This could be anywhere—from the wilderness to the desert to a beach or even a random city where I get to spend time with my best friends, walking aimlessly around town, or just hanging out by the seaside all day long.

All last week I was in Wyoming with some of my oldest friends, but there were a few days where they wanted to go biking and I wanted to go see Yellowstone, so we headed off in separate directions. It was amazing.

Obviously, Yellowstone National Park is breathtaking—and maybe I'm in this weird phase in my life/career right now where, after 10 continuous years spent going to an office every single day (seriously, I'm usually terrible at vacations—last year I took a total of 2.5 days off work) I'm taking a minute to breathe, but being away from New York, in a place like this, at this particular moment in time really made me think about where things are going in my life.