July 22, 2013

July 21, 2013

I take a lot of notes.

Sunday afternoon sifting through my huge binder of tiny pieces of paper—notes, mostly ideas and material for books—collected over the past ten years. Here are some of my favorite rediscovered random tidbits/thoughts.

- "It's really hard to use the ladies' room when someone, your co-worker, won't stop talking to you through the stall. I mean, she's just standing there, on the other side of the stall wall talking to me about egg timers."

- "Eric's middle name is George, and other failed relationships."

- I love that scene where Cruella De Vil peels off her false eyelashes in the original 101 Dalmations movie.

- The beginning of a character sketch: "Compulsive eater: 10 nectarines for breakfast, two pints of beer at lunch."

- The idea of acting on faith.

- "Don't you think everyone would prefer to be liked for who they are on the inside. Because then we wouldn't have to bother so much with anti-wrinkle serums. Maybe there are some people who'd prefer to be liked for their outsides. Maybe they have nothing inside."

- The woman whose husband writes a list, everyday, of everything she's done to annoy him. And hands it to her every evening.

- "I knew we were never meant to be because we were never hungry at the same times."

July 09, 2013