October 28, 2011

Raf Speaks

I'd never heard Raf Simons speak live before, so I was excited to see him at last night's Fashion Group International Night of Stars gala. Cathy Horyn presented him with one of this year's Star Honorees awards for his work at Jil Sander. Here's a video.

October 15, 2011

How do you leave a job you love?

This is what I look at everyday. To my right, there's Lock and the sales and bus dev team. Behind all those black monitors on the right are Team Eater NY and Team Curbed NY. Behind the blue pillar on the left are Team Curbed National and Team Eater National.

Scanning counter-clockwise, here's a shelf of stuff. It's mostly cookbooks and Eater Shitshow T-shirts. And liquor. And breakfast cereal.

"Hey Tiffany, pretend to work while I take your photograph." We have Momo cookies on the right, Courreges Evian on the left. And my desk lamp. Lock thinks it's hilarious.

To my left, it's Racked NY Editor Izzy and her intern Danielle. Behind that red pillar is the bathroom where the ceiling used to cave in every day around 3 p.m. No joke.

Here's our lounge area where many hours of soccer, baseball, and Oprah watching happened. Also, those are our stairs up to the Foursquare kitchen, where they have free snacks and coconut water.

Hola tech people. Notice the bizarre green on the chairs in the conference room. Who chose that color? I guess now I'll never know.

And then there's Hard Candy Shell, with whom the Curbed Network share a loft space. They're really smart and good at what they do, plus they almost always all go out to lunch together, which I think makes for a really nice sense of camaraderie in a working environment.

The end. Bye Curbed HQ #36Coop.

October 13, 2011


October 06, 2011

You can't connect the dots looking forward.

You can only connect them looking backwards.

"Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven't found it yet, keep looking. Don't settle. As with all matters of the heart, you'll know when you find it. And, like any great relationship, it just gets better and better as the years roll on."

October 03, 2011

Here is a press release about me:


New York, NY, October 3, 2011--Glamour has named Danica Lo Senior Online Fashion & Beauty Editor, it was announced today by Cindi Leive, Editor in Chief of Glamour. The appointment is effective October 17.

As the fashion and digital worlds grow more intertwined, Danica’s expertise and clout in both realms will make her an integral part of the ever-expanding Glamour brand.

"One of Glamour's key initiatives for 2012 is ramping up our signature fashion and beauty coverage," said Cindi Leive. "These days, with so much of the fun of fashion taking place online, adding Danica to our team, alongside powerhouses like Anne Christensen and Susan Cernek, is a natural fit. We love the voice and personality of Danica's fashion coverage, and can't wait to see what she'll bring to Glamour."

"After nearly 20 years of being a loyal Glamour reader, I am so excited and honored to be joining the team,” said Danica Lo. “For years, glamour.com has been a trailblazing pioneer in women's lifestyle digital media and I cannot wait to work with all the brilliant people on staff to help build and grow the site."

In her new role, Danica will be in charge of coordinating all of the site's fashion and beauty coverage. She will bring her expertise, voice and personality to Glamour’s online style community—readers' go-to source for street style and daily fashion inspiration. Danica will build glamour.com’s roster of top fashion and street style bloggers, expand web video efforts, oversee glamour.com's beauty how-to series, increase shopping features, and evolve the look and feel of the fashion and beauty channels.

Most recently, Danica was the founding editor of Racked National. Prior to Racked, she was a fashion columnist at the New York Post.

Glamour, published by Condé Nast, was named Magazine of the Year at the National Magazine Awards by the American Society of Magazine Editors for its editorial quality in both print and digital. Glamour is the leading women’s magazine, reaching more than 12 million readers every month, or one in 10 American women. Glamour.com is a leading women’s lifestyle website with approximately 3 million visitors per month.


My day: On my way to meet Gary and Hitomi for brunch in the West Village, I ran into Claudine, who I haven't seen since New Year's Eve 2010, which we spent in an ice storm at Danny's house in Bucks County. At brunch I met a girl whose life story is one of the most interesting -- and, uh, sitcom-ready -- I'd ever heard.

Popped by the Eater Lounge at the Dream Hotel, where I schmoozled with my co-workers over delicious sandwiches, Sprinkles cupcakes, and prosciutto and fig pizza. Seriously, I can't get enough of those crazy kids. Love them.

Onwards to Myers of Keswick for beverages -- a Tizer for Gary and a Ribena for me -- and then a late afternoon showing of "What's Your Number?" which was super-funny. I love Anna Faris. Also I ran into Emmy, who I've been running into a lot lately.

Dinner at L'Annam, where I ran into Eunice, an old friend from -- wait for it -- junior high school. Seriously, we haven't seen each other since 1991, but we recognized each other immediately. Both of us apparently look exactly the same as when we were, um, 13.

And after dinner cups of tea at Grey Dog.

Big day, big day. I don't usually run into anyone I know, anywhere, but looks like the tides are turning. Also, diet note: my strategy lately has been to eat super-healthy Mondays through Fridays and then spend all weekend making up for it. I might have to get a bit stricter this week since I may have overdone it with the Skittles this weekend.