October 31, 2008

"My wee-wee isn't fizzy! People will suspect something!" - Craig Ferguson

New Winston the Cat video!

Srsly, this is one of the funniest videos I've ever seen -- Bill Kaulitz in an American supermarket.

Thank you New York

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Rescue me, sitting down with towel around his neck.

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Once more, with confetti

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Ready Set Go!

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Bill will jump for you

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Bill with megaphone before "Scream"

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Love's Dead

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These guys are really synchronized.

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The number of fans who turned out to see Tokio Hotel is mind-boggling, considering the much smaller crowd at Irving Plaza

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Tokio Hotel at Roseland

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Libby's Karen Walker Gap pin

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October 30, 2008

American Stories, American Solutions; Obama-Biden television spot from last night

Today's Haute List, feat. who else, Jeffree Star!

Click through for the full spread:

'I'VE worn makeup for so long, my skin needs it," says self-dubbed Queen of the Internet Jeffree Star, a makeup artist turned MySpace sensation turned clothing designer turned electro-dance-pop artist.

Freshly signed to Popsicle Records/ILG, with an EP dropping in early December, Star was in town playing a show at School of Rock last night. He stopped by to make Danica up in his image - "The Airbrush Look," he calls it - and dish beauty secrets.

"My mom used to be a model," Star says, lifting his skirt to reveal a tattoo - one of 75! - of his mom's face on his left thigh. "She had cases of makeup, so when I was bored, I'd play around with it. I taught myself everything, and I had friends who worked at MAC, so I got a job there."

After a six-month stint working the makeup counters, he started doing porn - behind the scenes. "I met so many people," Star says. "I was 18, 19 - but I told everyone I was 21. That's when I worked for Hustler. They paid really well - it was easy, though. It was for, like, 'Barely Legal,' so I was paid $1,000 a day for lip gloss and mascara - if I did it too dramatic, they'd be like: 'No, less.' "

Star's signature pink-hair, no-eyebrow look had evolved in high school - "I shaved my eyebrows in 10th grade," he says. His grandparents and mom still tell him he looks like a zombie when he doesn't draw them in. "I'm turning 22 next month - they're still like, 'You're going to regret it.' No I won't."

And this season, on his cross-country tour? Star's gone from pink to fluorange.Onstage, Star amps up his everyday look with glitter and sparkles - "I might put glitter on my lips," he says. "My makeup never moves, which is nice. It's the way I apply it - when I get off stage it still looks exactly like this. I use a lot of powder first."

But other than that, "I don't wear much," Star says. "It gets too hot - so it's just bootie shorts, diamond leotards and crazy shoes."

And although Star designs his own top-selling line of clothes and accessories at teen mecca Hot Topic, he works on his stage costumes with Brian Lichtenberg, a designer who's dressed celebrities from Gwen Stefani to M.I.A. Other labels Star favors? "I have Louis Vuitton everything, I'm obsessed," he says, as he shows us the LV-logo ice cream cone inked on his calf.

Jeffree Star's favorite makeup is made by MAC - Studio Fix powder in NW15, $26; Eye Kohl in Smolder, $14.50; eye shadow in Carbon, Print and Pink Freeze, $14.50 each; lipstick in Pink Nouveau, $14. And he also loves Make Up Forever's hot pink Star Powder, $18 at Sephora, for his eyebrows.

Happy Halloween: Costumes Ripped from the Headlines



Feline groovy: Princess Chunk has plenty of fat catitude.

Lions and tigers and bears - who cares?

This year's news redefined scary - record-setting fat cats, bedbound tween tarts, naked pregnant guys, a hooker-happy governor, a lesbian Lindsay Lohan and a big bad bear market.

Most of these costumes are easy DIY affairs that can be culled from your own wardrobe, but we got our bits and bobs at Ricky's Halloween Costume Superstore (375 Broadway; 212-925-5490). Boo.

It's a charmed life

What a busy week. I had to file a huge story on Monday morning before running off to do four mini-phootoshoots. Then Tuesday I started with an 8:30 a.m. breakfast, went into a noon meeting with Jeffree Star, then had an 8 p.m. event downtown. Today I filed tomorrow's Haute List, another story for tomorrow, then got on the Warner ILG bus to New Jersey to see Jeffree's show, which was fantastic, literally, like a fantasy-come-true. There's something about Jeffree Star that's like every fulfillment of girlhood and teenage fantasy at once. In fact, while I was standing there listening to him sing and dance onstage, wondering how his teenage backup band told their parents they were ditching homelife to tour the country with Jeffree Star, I had this idea that he's actually this total genius -- I mean, he's totally tapped into the teenage girl market in an entirely novel way. He's figured out how to be a heartthrob, but not a sexually threatening heartthrob, but a I'm-on-your-side superstar, and all the songs are about I-want-what-you-want-too. You really get the sense that Jeffree Star gets it, gets you, gets the idea of what's modern and what rings true to teenagers in 2008. It floors me.

Tomorrow I'm hopefully going to catch some of the Duffy show before running across town to see Tokio Hotel at Roseland. And Libby's in town, so I am super-excited to catch up with her. Then Friday Aleksi may or may not be flying in from London for a photoshoot, so I better tidy up around my apartment tomorrow morning. And oh my god I have so many extracurricular projects on my plate that just aren't being tended to. I can't pull all nighters anymore, I'm 30, too old. Imagine that. If I don't get at least 7 hours of sleep a night, I can barely function the next day. Looks like I blew through my quota of all-nighters years ago.


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Jeffree & Joyce in Jersey

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Superstar. "Do you guys know it yet or what?" - Jeffree

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Millions of cameras at the Jeffree Star show

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Jeffree Star School of Rock

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Kids should go to more shows

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Jeffree Star merchandise

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Get it!

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On the party bus driving crosstown to NJ

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Joyce at ILG

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October 29, 2008

Heaps of Gucci in the lobby at Warner Music

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Going to see the Jeffree Star show tonight in New Jersey

Jeffree Star, Queen of the Internet, came by my office yesterday -- the first time I ever saw him was at the Bamboozle a couple of years ago, he was just brilliant and was literally swarmed/mobbed by hundreds of teenagers, I'd never met him before yesterday. Now I'm just over the moon -- a total fan. He's beyond beyond, totally magnificent and very charming in person -- and surprisingly softspoken, though, he explained, that might have been because he'd just woken up. From his MySpace:

"The appearance of my own body is cut and dissected every time I breathe. My horror of beauty is not when I’m laying naked on the bathroom floor, but when I’m staring at myself, wondering what’s underneath the painted-on feelings and made-up eyes. I’m not a fucking beauty queen. When I walk into the bathroom, I’m not getting pretty.. I’m destroying myself. Repairing myself from the damage I’ve done. Whether YOU like it or NOT. The ceiling of fear crashes down on me when I pick up the latest fashion magazine and find that no one else looks like me. But what is ME? Where has the word "real" gone to? Maybe reality is blonde hair, plastic body parts, tan skin and porcelain teeth? I think it’s sweaty skin, smeared lipstick and a big mouth, being afraid of nothing and truly LOVING yourself without BEING someone else. The vanity sanctuary will keep me safe and you can try to break me down but you’re only hurting yourself, just like you’re supposed to be doing."

One of these guys is Robert Buckley, a.k.a Alisa Wolfson's ex-roommate. I don't know which one he is, it's just what I've been told.

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Eric Mabius being interviewed at the Blackberry Bold party

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Blackberry Bold napkins

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October 28, 2008

Download station for Blackberry Bold

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Blackberry Bold launch party

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Kind of obsessed with the Comme des Garcons vs Vuitton Speedy.

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A publicist just called me claiming that her client INVENTED sport skirts with built-in-shorts in -- wait for it -- 2003.

I was like: I don't think so.

And she argued with me, saying she could show me lots of stories where her client has been quoted saying she invented sport skirts in 2003.

Uh, oooookaaay.

Gretta Monahan, Thom Filicia, Katie Lee Joel, Torah Bright and Sarah Burke go shopping at Macy's with the NY Post

Department Score! 150 Years of Style at Macy's


WE love New York for its boutiques and quirky shops, but sometimes you just need a good old-fashioned department store, with everything under one roof. And it doesn't get more old-fashioned-er or everything-er than Macy's Herald Square. The store - celebrating its 150th birthday today - boasts 2.5 million square feet of shopping space smack-dab in Midtown. To celebrate its birthday, we unleashed fashion and housewares gurus unto their respective departments of expertise. They've picked out their favorite merchandise - and they've shown us why Macy's is still a shopping destination.

PHOTOS: 150 Years of Macy's Style

Gretta Monahan, co-host of "Tim Gunn's Guide to Style"

Fashion and beauty expert Monahan can revamp a look from tired to traffic-stopping with a few carefully selected accessories. As soon as we get to Macy's, she makes a beeline for its newest exclusive jewelry collection. "These L'una by RFMAS pieces are 100 percent sterling silver - so modern and timeless," she explains. "I love the infinity bracelet [$695] and ring [$195] - you can get the same luxurious feeling of, say, Cartier, for less money."

At Sonia Rykiel, Monahan picks a simple grommetted leather wallet, $240, that she suggests can double as a clutch. "You can just grab this and go, but still make a statement," Monahan says. "It's versatile and affordable."

"A high-fashion all-weather boot is my must-have this season," Monahan says as she tries on Via Spiga's patent-leather lug-sole ankle boots, $275. "I love the extra hardware, plus they're comfortable and have a lug sole. They go with dress pants and jeans - and you don't have to change when you get to the office."

"For just $10, you can instantly update your look with color tights," Monahan says. She's especially fond of red, grays and browns this season - "and teal, green, plum, navy and electric blue." Hue tights, two for $20.

Scarves, Monahan explains, are an easy way to add finish and polish to a look. "I like this Collection 18 fashion scarf [$38] because it's a light knit - really a four-season accessory," she says. Monahan dresses up the scarf with a Macy's brand deco brooch, $30.

Thom Filicia, author of "Thom Filicia Style"

The Emmy-winning television host and author is known as much for his keen eye for interior decoration as he is for his sharp wit and warm charm. The behemoth Macy's furniture department may seem intimidating at first, but Filicia picked out his top-five favorite pieces in a jiffy.

"It's almost a hybrid," he says when he sees British Passage padded-back stools, $1,897 for two. "It's like a library piece turned into a bar stool - it's an unusual piece, but could easily warm up a modern space."

"This tripod lamp is a classic piece - and I like the details on it," Filicia says about this Ralph Lauren floor lamp, left, $600. "I like the industrial aspect - the exposed screws and cord - and the brass hardware with the simple paper shade. You could even get a charcoal gray shade and it would change the look completely. It's handsome."

"The velvet pinstripe fabric on this rocking chair is very smart and cool," Filicia says, leaning back into this $1,200 Modern Concepts piece, inset. "It's both modern and traditional - mixing the warmth of velvet with the texture of hard steel. The soft, organic shape is very inviting."

A Martha Stewart bar-cabinet hybrid, $2,199, is "very pretty and very smart," Filicia says. "It would work great as extra storage for an apartment with a small kitchen - it's very practical for storing flatware and glasses." He suggests it for people who entertain at home. "It gets people out of the kitchen, and it goes with the chair we picked out."

"This sofa is very smart with very clean lines," Filicia says about a $1,749 Martha Stewart with Bernhardt Putnam couch. "It has great, classic design - and you could even take the cushions off and have an instant guest bed."

Torah Bright and Sarah Burke, Roxy team snowboarders

Bright (brunette, above and inset) and Burke spend a lot of time outdoors in wintry climes - they're two of the most accomplished snowboarders in the world and have racked up an impressive number of gold medals between them. We put their cold-weather expertise to the test in the women's outerwear department at Macy's.

The two did their sponser proud in a Roxy gray jacket, $84.50, and blue corduroy jacket, $69.50 (inset); and green plaid hooded jacket, $69.50, and orange trench, $79.50.

"It's great," Burke exclaims when she sees an Elie Tahari fur-trimmed coat, $995. "It looks like something Beyoncé would wear. It's fun and fashionable."

"I really like the leather buckles on this coat," Bright says when she sees a 2XPose wool jacket, $215. "Plus you could wear the big collar up or down."

Both Bright and Burke picked a Jones New York sweat-shirt-silhouette blush-brown leather jacket, $500. "We like the soft, furry lining," Bright says.

Katie Lee Joel, author of "The Comfort Table"

This 26-centimeter Le Creuset cast-iron pot, right, may be $219, but chef Joel, recent winner of Rachael Ray's Burger Bash, says it's a great investment. "I make pot roast in these," Joel says. "It's a great heat conductor and nonstick without being chemical."

"I have two of these," Joel says about Cuisinart's Mini-Prep Processor, $50. "I use it to chop onions and garlic, make salsas and sauces like pesto. Everyone should have one - especially if you live in New York and don't have a lot of space in your kitchen."

"I use my OXO Salad Spinner [$30, inset] every day," Joel says. "You can wash, dry and then store your leftovers - look, it has a locking mechanism."

"I can't function in the morning until I have my first cup of coffee," Joel says. She loves the Capresso 10-cup Thermal Coffee Maker, $400, because it's got a grinder built in. "And it has a gold filter so you don't need paper filters," she says. "And once your coffee is brewed, the thermos keeps it super-hot for 12 hours."

Joel uses her KitchenAid Artisan 5-Quart Stand Mixer, $400, two or three times a week. "When I first moved to New York, it was the one luxury item in my apartment," she says. "It saves me a lot of time - I use it to make mashed potatoes, beat egg whites for meringue and make homemade pasta."

"I really only use three knives," Joel says. "A serrated knife, a paring knife and a Wusthof Santoku knife [$140]. A sharp knife is a safe knife - so I sharpen mine a couple of times a week."

This morning at my breakfast meeting I drank a double espresso and three cups of black coffee.


MAC Fab Orchid Holiday 2008

Last week I got the MAC Holiday 2008 mailing and ever since I've been OBSESSED with this Fab Orchid eyeliner from their Little Darlings Softsparkle/Eye Pencil set (includes 5 pencils, $29.50 starting Nov. 6 online and at MAC stores). See, I've been looking for a soft smudge black-purple eye pencil for months, ever since I interviewed Heidi Klum ages ago and she went on and on and on about how purple eyeliner makes eyes "pop" -- seriously, when Heidi talks, I listen. Think about how much experience she has and how many makeup artists she's worked with -- she swears up and down that purple eyeliner is a top makeup-artist-secret. So I've tried a lot of purple eyeliners over the past few months, and while the results are cool, I didn't like how so many non-black/brown eyeliners are really waxy and difficult to put on and also I wasn't really keen on the fact that a lot of purple eyeliners look really obviously, you know, purple. Everytime someone would look at me and ask, "Are you wearing purple eyeliner?" I'd wind up feeling very 1983. What I wanted was an almost-black purple-tinged eyeliner that was the consistency and smudgability of Stila Kajal eyeliner, seriously my favorite Stila product ever and, for those of you who know eyeliner, beyond blendable, smoky, stay-put, ultra-dark, and just beyond perfect.

So here it is, this Fab Orchid, so-dark-it's practicallly black, smudgeable, a little shimmery, and totally perfect purple-enough eyeliner. I'm crazy about it, except I'm worried I won't be able to get it after the holidays are over, so I'm wary of getting hooked. Oh, and in case you were wondering, I'm pretty sure Heidi was spot-on with her advice, just a little bit of MAC Fab Orchid goes a long way -- I don't need any other eye makeup, not even my usual triple-set of false eyelashes to get that eye-pop.

October 26, 2008

The weekend that kind of never was

What a short weekend, I can't believe it's already Sunday night -- tomorrow I have a big story to file and then a bunch of mini-photoshoots to wrap up. Tuesday morning my meetings start at 8:30 a.m. and I'm scheduled through 9 p.m. Tuesday night. Wednesday, Thursday, Friday more of the same. I am getting spots just thinking about this week. And so many side projects to work on too -- including NaNoWriMo which I am trying to rope as many of my friends into doing as possible, it'll be like a contrived vortex of peer pressure. Yes. Oh, and this weekend Susan and I decided that we should seriously think about moving to Monte Carlo.

Going to see Jeffree Star this week, first for cupcakes, then to NJ for a show -- so I'm YouTubing him.

And I found a video of Jeffree and his friend Davey from AFI -- it's called -- wait for it -- "Eyelashes Saved Our Life."

I think me and my three pairs of fake lashes and Jeffree Star are going to get along just fine.

I love this song but forgot about it until tonight and now I've listened to it a hundred times on repeat.

October 25, 2008

I think some people who say they love fashion really just love having lots of stuff.

There's a really interesting story in the Style section of the Times this weekend on people who are interested in frugal fashion -- Recessionistas, they're called (I guess). I've always been curious about these people -- fashion-interested people who claim that in lieu of buying a $1000+ designer bag, they're nearly but not quite as happy buying the cheap-mass version of this-or-that designer's collaborative brand at Target. To be honest, I never thought that would be the same customer. And anyway, I don't really understand it. Maybe there need to be better definitions, but are people who are self-definitively fashion lovers necessarily label-fiends? If you can't have Jonathan Saunders mainline pieces, is it really the same (or even close) to buy his line for Target? Sure, I guess, if colors and brand name are the only things you're after, but I'd venture to say that a lot of customers who love high-end fashion love quality, fabrication, and the luxury of exclusivity just as much, if not more than the visual aspect of design alone. How else to explain women who will always choose a black Chanel cashmere cardigan or an Armani suit jacket over one that's $100 at a mid-range department store?

So whenever I read stories like this, they make me think about the blurred lines between people who love fashion, what that really means, and people who maybe don't really love fashion, but just really like having new clothes all the time. I mean, lots of people just like to have a lot of stuff, preferably with a name attached to it, but most importantly a lot of stuff. And these are the people who are hurting most from the recession -- the Recessionistas can't buy as much stuff in this economy as they'd like to.

Me? I've never really been able to afford all the pieces I want from Comme or Demeulemeester or Margiela or Rick -- and the recession really hasn't changed that, i.e. I still can't.

Style.com, the Web site of Vogue magazine, has declared passĂ© the free-spending fashionista of the type lionized in “Sex and the City.” In her stead, the Web site fashioned a new icon for the new austerity, a plucky heroine able to fixate on designer logos even at a time when her house might face foreclosure.

Derek Blasberg wrote this summer on style.com: “You should know that while the fashionista may have locked herself in the vault with her tiaras, her younger, hipper sister — recessionista — is at the mall finding designer threads (or diffusion designer threads) at discount prices. Look for her at Target, Uniqlo, Payless or Kohl’s, all of whom have inked deals with designers recently. That’s because recessionistas aren’t letting a little thing like falling stock prices and rising gas bills get in the way of their wardrobe.”

I guess we know what Diddy's gonna be for Halloween...

Long day

I don't know what happened last night, dinner was brilliant and fun, we didn't even have much wine (just about four one-inch pours with different courses), but this morning I woke up super-knackered. Plus I had three big mosquito bites -- wait for it -- on my face! How does this happen? I go the entire summer with maybe two bites and all of a sudden over the past two weeks I've been completely devoured by bugs. Of course, I do have my window open (with a screen even) because it's been so hot-cold-hot-cold-humid-dry-blah-blah. But I figured it's so cold outside that all the mosquitos would be gone. Anyway, my face looks gross and I'm exhausted. But I can hardly go to bed. My annoying downstairs neighbor's dogs have been yapping like maniacs since 10:07 p.m. (it's now coming up to 11:15 p.m.).

October 24, 2008

Our Buick ride home

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The scene from upstairs at Bon Appetit

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Kelly Cutrone is my hero

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Many beverages at the John Besh dinner at the Bon Appetit pop up

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October 23, 2008

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