September 30, 2007


It's hard for me to understand the rhythm of things -- often, I find that when times are busy they are very very busy, and other times, I go for days where I'd kill for even the tiniest bit of excitement. Lately, it's been the busy-busy phase. Fashion week disorder, post-traumatic fashion week disorder, no real time off, friends getting married, traveling, Indian festivals in New Jersey, relationship roller-coaster, messy apartment, messy desk, messy head... A lot of it is great, some of it is not so great. And while I'd kill for a week away in the (UK) countryside just about now (one of the only places I feel like I can find myself), October is shaping up to a busy start. Jury duty this week (arg -- not so much the jury duty part of it, but because serving it means I'm going to get severely backlogged on work...) then flying off on a whirlwind through Moscow and Budapest mid-month (super-exciting! plus I get to wear my winter coats). Dinners, meetings, catching up with neglected friends in between. Being busy is really not conducive to finding yourself. The more I do, the more I get lost. And all the while I'm just trying not to let the things that matter fly by.

Haute List


Haute List


September 09, 2007


The couple who live across the hall from me (I think they're pretty new to the building) scream at each other all day long. The fight when they leave the house in the morning, they fight when they come home. The woman whines so loudly, I can hear her inside my apartment. The man yells a lot, the woman screams, whines, and weeps hysterically. It's really annoying and I wish they would just shut up or break up or something.

September 05, 2007


5-12 September I will be temporarily relocating to The Haute List Blog for fashion week. Tune in!

September 03, 2007

Calm before the storm

Been taking a break for a bit -- busy at work and New York fashion week kicks off this Wednesday, which means a whirlwind no-sleep seven-days of non-stop reporting from shows and running between a dozen parties each night. It's funny how 'party' has taken on a different connotation in the fashion industry -- sure, they're supposed to be fun, but during fashion week they're networking, press, and working events. And my non-fashion-industry friends always wonder why the word 'party' never fails to strike fear in my heart. If you know me, you know how much I try to avoid parties. Drinking alone in a corner, preferably with headphones on, that's my bag, baby.

So happy fashion week to everyone. I'll try to dispatch from the shows as much as possible. I've ditched my Blackberry Peark, because, well, it was a piece of doo-doo. So now I'm on an old-school 7290 waiting with bated breath for the Curve to hit T-Mobile on September 24th.

On my most-exciting-events list for this week: Wednesday night's Tommy Hilfiger party at the Museum of Modern Art; the Heatherette show (always a pink drag queen fiesta for the senses); the Snoopy fashion show; Just Sweet by J.Lo show; Nicky Hilton's show; and my Fresh Direct delivery on Wednesday morning. Notice anything? I've always found that NY fashion week much less about what's going on ON the runway than what's going on OFF the runway -- the celeb shows are always the most fun and the tranny shows have the best spectacles. Though this season, truth be told, I am looking forward to two fashion-fashion shows -- the Preen show (first time over the pond from London) and the Naoki Takizawa show (designer from Issey Miyake strikes out on his own -- I wonder if he'll do anything pleated, ha ha). NY isn't liike Paris or London, I'm never afraid that if I miss a show I'll miss a history-defining fashion moment...

A few scheduling mysteries this season -- one of which is Why is Nicky Hilton showing the same night at the MTV Video Music Awards? Won't all her friends be there? And is Oprah really going to attend Ralph Lauren's show? She'll be in town doing her season premiere and he did make her a big pink frock for the CFDA awards earlier this year...