June 30, 2006

blooregard q. kazoo

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Seen: Blooregard Q. Kazoo canoodling with a murky puddle on the corner of 52nd Street and Broadway. For a minute, we considered picking him up and Purell-ing the hell out of him. But then the light turned and we went for dinner at Hooters instead.

June 29, 2006

Hair irons abroad

I've spent an inordinate amount of time this last week trying to suss
out how exactly one is meant to iron her hair when traveling in Europe.
See, unlike hairdryers, most irons -- no matter how fancy-pants --
aren't dual voltage. My travel partner-in-crime, Maxine, and I are all
in a tizzy over this. Anyone have any good suggestions?

June 16, 2006

Tonight I popped by to toast my lovely and gorgeous friend Danny Seo, uber-eco-genius, at his book launch party. Hosted by Stella McCartney's Meatpacking District boutique and attended by a slew of celebrities -- including Carson Kressley, Kerry Washington, and stylist Philip Bloch -- this was definitely one of the best book launch parties I've ever been to (mine was 'just ok' in comparison -- and much much lower on the star-wattage). Anyway, Danny's book is brilliant -- full of super-cool tips on how to make your next soiree more eco-friendly... and not in that painful, hippie tree-hugger way, but in really stylish non-fussy ways. For example, he shows you what to do with all those leftover wine bottle corks -- they make a great trivets or you can slice them up to fix wobbly chairs and tables! And what can you do with all those paint chips and samples during your big housewarming? Punch holes in them and use them to label your guests' wineglasses. So simple and so earth-friendly, yet utterly stylish, confident, and ultimately non-chalant -- which is exactly the brand of cool we all so desperately clamor for in the big city.

June 14, 2006

On the radio with Wendy

Wendy Williams
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This afternoon I spent some time chatting with Wendy Williams on her 107.5FM WBLS radio show, The Wendy Williams Experience. Since nearly all of the 35+ previous radio interviews I've done recently have been via telephone, I was super-nervous -- actually, when I found out we were going to be taking live listener calls, I instantly became more nervous than I was before being interviewed by Diane Sawyer on Good Morning America in May.

Luckily, hanging out with Wendy is like spending time with your smartest, coolest, most gorgeous girl friend ever -- she's so stunning (believe it or not, even more beautiful than her photographs!) and so smart and brilliant at her job. I was so beyond out-cooled (not that I'm cool, but me next to Wendy was like a lumpy grey rock next to a sapphire). It takes a huge amount of charisma and aplomb to do what Wendy does every day on the radio -- speak to 12 million women all over the country, earn their trust, and give them top-notch advice on a million bazillion different topics. I loved being a guest on her show and taking listener calls was so much fun.

June 11, 2006

Backstage at the Tonys 2006

Backstage at the Tonys
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There aren't many things that can get me out of bed before noon on Sundays, but I couldn't turn down the opportunity to go backstage at rehearsals for this year's Tony Awards. I got to wander around the stage and hang out in the host gift lounge where I saw tons of Broadway and Hollywood legends -- I was this: <------> close to Julie Andrews, one of the most amazing performers ever, but was too nervous to ask to take a photo with her. I still get excited about the Sound of Music. Nerdy, non?

I was also super-lucky that my book, How Not to Look Fat was included in the celebrity gift bag. Hopefully, the celebs who got the book -- stars like Oprah Winfrey, Julia Roberts, Glenn Close, Rita Wilson, Kyra Sedgwick, Mark Ruffalo, Ralph Fiennes, Cynthia Nixon, Alfre Woodard, Anna Paquin, Bebe Neuwirth, Chita Rivera, James Earl Jones, Joe Pesci, Josh Lucas, Julianna Margulies, Julie Andrews, Kristen Bell, Mary Louise Parker, and Rosie Perez -- won't be offended! Note to famous people: No one thinks you're fat! You're gorgeous. Mwah! x

June 10, 2006

On Tuesday, 13 June, at 3:00PM I'll be appearing live on air on Wendy Williams' national radio show -- in New York, she's on WBLS 107.5FM.