May 30, 2016

Twitter mysteries

There are only three accounts on Twitter I follow who I haven't met irl:

1. Neetzan Zimmerman: Web traffic legend
2. Chloe Sims: Favorite TOWIE person; also, clearly the smartest person on that show
3. The Queen Adelaide: Pub in London owned by my friends who owned the now-defunct George

May Favorites is live!

My May Favorites video is live—and it's a very things-I-bought-in-England sort of month.

May 25, 2016

Two things I love about jet lag

1. A half day to myself before my real day even begins: I don't mind the London-to-New-York jet lag at all—waking up at 4 a.m. the first few days I'm back in NY, I get at least five hours to myself, to think, to cook breakfast, to catch up on YouTube, to blog, before I have to go to the office and face real life. So far this week I've cooked THREE breakfasts (egg + toast + beans, egg + beans, omelette + salad) which feels like a luxury during the work week.

2. A really good excuse for turning in early: As an old, I prefer to fill my evenings with dinner parties, catchup dinners with friends, or (my favorite) nothing at all. Nothing better than a teeny tiny bit of jet lag (and that aforementioned waking-up-at-4-a.m.) to use as an excuse to beg off party plans and, instead, spending a quiet night at home (and going to bed at 9:30). Insert heart emoji here.

May 23, 2016

Some post-vacation thoughts

I always come back from the UK jet lagged (woke up at 4 a.m. today) and hooked on cooked breakfasts (made myself eggs, beans, and wholegrain toast this morning).

Earlier this May I realized I hadn't been on a plane in nearly six months—which, if you know me in real life, was a pretty clear sign that I had not been quite myself for a while. I think in between starting a new job in January that's turned out to be a completely different office culture from any place I've ever worked, getting my apartment in better working order (new furniture, built-in-shelving, an overall rethink and refresh), and other miscellaneous feelings of directionless-ness (or new direction, not sure yet), I really needed to get away. So about ten days ago I booked a last-minute trip to my hometown (where I was born, lived until I was 5-years-old and later went to grad school) Oxford to clear my head, reconnect with myself, and to take a few days of quiet time in order to figure out what I want to do with my time, my life, my career.

For more than a decade now, I've been so lucky to have a career that's been my life—in the best possible way. Working in media has been everything I've ever wanted—creatively fulfilling; working with super-fast-thinking, charismatic, driven, brilliant people; building brands from scratch, growing legacy brands; moving from print to digital and really embracing all the fun that came with working in both newspapers and online.

But it's 2016. And the more and more I talk to my friends who work in the industry (almost all my friends work in media, and if not media, then fashion), the more I realize that working in the industry is a totally different ballgame now. And while I love the internet content-for-$$$$ game—anyone who's worked with me knows "scale" is one of my favorite words—lately I've been thinking that somewhere along the lines, we've lost our way. Or I've lost my way.

May 21, 2016

Seasonal allergies + Vacation = :(

Last full day in the UK—and after a fun morning out (breakfast, walk around town, climbed to the top of Carfax Tower), I've been in my hotel room all afternoon, a prisoner to my seasonal allergies. Insert sad-face emoji here. So I thought I'd do a wee video about my mini-vacay in Oxford this week. I'm still working out the basics of filming—and, as you can tell, my on-the-street footage was shot on an iPhone and leaves lots to be desired, quality-wise. Work in progress, work in progress.

I might try to go out and get some noodles or something. Or a hot mint tea. Gonna try to stop sneezing in the meantime...