Last night I had a nightmare that I'd gone on a trip, unpacked in my hotel room, and when it came time to leave and go home, I couldn't fit all my stuff back into my bags. What was weird was that everything I couldn't fit were accessories—bags, belts, shoes, sunglasses—and every time I thought I had gotten everything, I'd open another closet, door, or drawer and see things I'd forgotten. In my dream I almost missed my flight and was so stressed out about the whole thing I woke up.

Best candy ad ever.

This is what's on my coffee table right now.

My laundry card, the new J. Crew catalog, iPad, and cup of warm water (I'm on a juice cleanse for the next, oh, four hours) on top of a great story I pulled from the NY Times magazine last week about how this person wrote a screenplay by gathering you-can't-make-these-up true stories from friends.

"For the first time, I truly understand why workaholics are workaholics. You can't stop working, because if you do, it unravels all the work you've already done. You have to keep going, or you'll die."

- via Amanda Hocking

iPad 2 Humor.

Here are some things I think about.

· If I had a fashion show, what the runway music would be
· How I will look in July
· How many bottles of Pellegrino one person ought to consume in one day
· Ankle boots or pumps?
· Which Apple store will be least busy this Friday
· If I were to stop using plastic bags, how would I dispose of trash down the chute in my apartment building?
· The screenplay I haven't written (yet)
· Whether I should even bother writing another book
· I should really go get my eyes checked
· How I can go somewhere warm
· How I can spend more time in Oxford
· Egypt
· Whether hauling a laptop around is damaging my new handbag
· This zit on the left side of my face that won't go away
· There are a lot of things I need to do in the next 48 hours: like laundry, work, prep a presentation, deliver a presentation, pack
· My cuticles are dry
· I'm thirsty.

Jared and Ramon's guest bathroom.

Check out the car park in the corn cob towers.

On Whole Foods.

Things that are different about Whole Foods in Chicago (vs Whole Foods in NY): the coconut water craze doesn't seem to have hit here yet (read: there aren't many varieties available); no papaya; much smaller fish section; much larger meat section; lots and lots and lots of varieties of kettle corn—like, at least five different brands; bulk buy cereals, nuts, dried fruits, and other yummy stuff (good); bags have skimpier handles; no plastic containers at the salad bar; they don't use tape at the register so if you have a container that might open, they just put it in a plastic bag and, well, when you get home it's probably opened; they don't have vegan-no-oil choices in the prepared food section; the parfaits are different (i.e. smaller and made of custard). Good news is that 1L bottles of Pellegrino are much cheaper here—$1.69 vs NY's $2.29+. Oh, also no Volvic. But I got some Naya, which I haven't seen anywhere outside Canada since, like, 2004.

What if cats had thumbs?

This is ridiculously cute.

"Observe Everything. Always think for yourself. Never let other people make important decisions for you." — from Bad News by Edward St. Aubyn