Summertown storefront

When I was in Oxford this past July, I took the bus past this empty storefront a few times and thought how amazing it would be to open a shop/studio in this gorgeous retail space. Looks like it's been vacant for a while now—no wonder, with annual rent hovering around the £90,000 mark. Still, gorgeous.

Eight bedrooms in Cheshire - Red Brick

This was my favorite song in 1990, 20 years ago.

Man, I love/loved this band.

Flight taxes are more than twice the ticket price = dumb

When I input a photo of myself into Google Goggles I get

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ThunderSnowpocalypse, the Aftermath

Things We're Opening in the Office Today: Presents

Tug o' War

Fat squirrel

Super Mario Bros., the trailer


Two weeks ago I cancelled my T-Mobile Blackberry service and didn't replace it with anything else. It's sort of an experiment I've been thinking about doing for a while now and I took the opportunity of my Blackberry software totally malfunctioning on a daily basis (and the fact that, for the last five years, I've lived with zero, one, or two bars of service at any given time in my apartment) as an excuse to give mobile isolationism a shot. Anyway, I've since been smartphone-less. It's the first time in 9 years I haven't had a smartphone. No e-mail, no Foursquare, no Google Maps, no blogging from the road. Best bit: no skin-crawling, anxiety-inducing weekend blinking red "you have new messages" light.

I figure that I'm on the computer, like, ten hours a day anyway. I work in new media. Why do I need to be tethered to my email all the time? I hardly ever get any important personal emails anyway -- since I'm in my 30s, my friends are, for the most part, still avid texters and callers.

I also hated that I'd become one of those super-fidgety people who used my Blackberry as a social shield. Waiting for friends outside a restaurant, I'd never just take in my surroundings or people-watch -- I'd bury my face in my handheld instead, trying to appear busy. And it started to bother me that even though I go to shows all the time, I feel like I hardly ever really see bands because I spend half the time taking (crap) photos of them on my Blackberry. I was always tweeting, always checking in on Foursquare, always looking at Facebook, always emailing -- and I had this vision of myself turning into one of those scary obese screen-bound humans in Wall-e. Remember them?

So I cancelled my Blackberry service and now I just have a flip phone. (By the way, you would not believe how hard it is to find a decent-looking flip phone in 2010.) I've put pink bunny stickers all over it because I'm really immature like that. And I feel great. No more blinking red "read me" light.

Let's see how long this lasts. Eh, I'll probably cave and get an iPhone when it lands on Verizon next year.

I might be holding your hand, but I'm holding it loose.

"Hot Salsa Dog"

Do the humans think this is fooling the pandas?

Six bedrooms in Bristol, $3 million: Needs an overhaul

House-love at first sight: 9 Bedrooms, $6 million, Somerset

Geoff Dyer's words of wisdom in today's T magazine

Oh no!

This Kenneth Cole Wishlist is the most A-List list I've ever been on. I mean, I'm sandwiched between Kelly Rowland and the VP and Publisher of GQ!

Margiela is advertising on Racked. I feel like my entire fashion career has come full circle.

"Observe Everything. Always think for yourself. Never let other people make important decisions for you." — from Bad News by Edward St. Aubyn