Last year I did this exact same trip at around the exact same time for about $800 total. What is going on with flights to Europe this summer. Arg.

Marriage doesn't seem to be in my future, so, instead I would like to request this cake for my birthday.

The nicest business reply cards I've ever seen! And I'm not saying that just cuz I'm partial.

They're smart -- multi-purpose. If you don't want to send 'em in, you can stick 'em on your wall. Pretty.



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Yay or nay?

Dress for Success benefit at the Grand Hyatt. Main course by Chef Keira Moritz from Pacci (Atlanta).

At Ideo NY

The Danica Dress. Note, it's all black.

Via Forever 21

I've been pretty good this month about keeping up and actually reading the magazines I subscribe to.

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What would Kate and Naomi do?

Dessert #2

Dessert #1

Course 6: The Main

I can't keep up!

Bug knife

Course 5: Fish

Course 4: Soft shell crab

Course 3: Quail

Course 2: Tuna carpaccio

Course 1: Capellini

The Breakers lobby

Grand Cabana #9 this afternoon

I'm going to this tonight.

This does not make me want to renew my subscription.

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When the vulture said, "I was trying to sound daunting and hysterical at the same time, but I ended up sounding Spanish," is when I lost it and started weeping with laughter.

Stuffed and Unstrung at the Union Square Theater. To-die-for-hilarious.

Spicy tuna sushi sandwich!

These balloons cost $1,000 each.

These balloons cost $100 each.

Is Lin Yu Chun the Next Susan Boyle?

I really want this Piers Atkinson hat

My M&S order dispatch notice includes this line: "Please note, this email indicates our acceptance of your offer to purchase the above."

Um, ok. Thanks guys!

Gigantic Bunny Eats 12 Carrots, Two Bowls of Rabbit Food, Three Apples, and A Cabbage Everyday

via Mirror UK

This tree smells like discarded shrimp shells.

Happy Easter: Angora Bunnies!

The extents a guy will go to in order to avoid breaking up with a girl.

"McDermott vanished near San Pedro, Calif., in 2005 and was believed to have drowned after falling overboard a boat ironically called "Freedom."  His disappearance left his 'Grease'-starring girlfriend heartbroken and fueled speculation he faked his own death to avoid mounting debts and allow his teenage son with his ex-wife, actress Yvette Nipa, to benefit from a life insurance policy. Newton-John had been dating McDermott for nine years and has since married businessman John Easterling." 

Hi! I'm a Bunny!

In my never-ending on-again-off-again relationship with weight loss news: today I've eaten turkey on a whole wheat pita, tuna on a green salad, and four clementines. I keep trying to remember what we ate at the Biggest Loser Resort back when I spent a week there last November. But then I remember that the chef at the BLR used to be Steve Wynn's personal chef. And I give up and just eat my Kashi, oranges, and mixed greens.

Fluffy chickens

"Observe Everything. Always think for yourself. Never let other people make important decisions for you." — from Bad News by Edward St. Aubyn