18 February 2010


From Eric Wilson's story in today's Thursday Styles:

"So J-Woww made it to Fashion Week, after all.

It's true. Jenni FarlTey of the "Jersey Shore" cast attended a runway show. It was a collection designed by Kim, Kourtney and Khloé Kardashian for Bebe. I'm not making this up. There are pictures.

And still, the sky did not fall. Oscar de la Renta did not swoon. Anna Wintour escaped unscathed, not that she was anywhere near this Bebe person's show."

14 February 2010

I love Nick Hornby & Nick Hornby's blog

Re: All the Oscars' paperwork:
There is, it turns out, a lot of paperwork associated with an Oscar nomination. Yesterday we had to sign a form promising that we wouldn’t sell our statuettes; we also had to fill out a questionnaire which asked us, among other things, which of our fellow nominees we would like to meet. My wife, after thinking about it for a good three seconds, replied “George Clooney.” She stuck an exclamation mark after his name. Somewhere in Los Angeles, an official of the Academy of Arts and Motion Pictures is putting all the requests to meet George Clooney in one mountainous pile.

09 February 2010

06 February 2010

Crazy looking cheese store

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Down on Rivington St.

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Rivington & Ludlow

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Last night I watched "Definitely, Maybe," and it made me feel stupid because I didn't understand the premise of the movie. Still don't. Can anyone explain it to me? Now I'm watching "Forgetting Sarah Marshall," before going out for pancakes in the snow (to celebrate Pancake Month!). It's pretty bad. But the vampire-musical song performance in the film is hilarious.