January 25, 2021

I have an idea: WFH digital coworking space

Hello! I have an idea. It's been such a difficult, isolating year for so many people, and I wonder if a drop-in digital coworking space would be an interesting idea to explore.

Initially I'd thought about logging onto YouTube for a daily lunchtime livestream, but I wonder if that idea could be expanded to something more community-driven, something along the lines of an online co-working space where anyone working from home could work... but, online, "around" other people. There are so many "study with me" videos on YouTube that perform so well -- and I've noticed there's been a recent uptick in "writealong" livestreams in the writers' community. I've always worked in media, so that's the work environment I'm most familiar with. I think the concept of an online coworking space / wfh with me could work well for writers and digital media people -- maybe there's a way to stitch breaks or some kind of recurring downtime, collaborative brainstorming, interactive career development sessions, or other programming into the day. I wonder if something like this would appeal to both freelancers as well as people who are on staff at publishing companies. Anyhoo, just throwing this idea out there because I've been thinking about it for a few weeks.