January 09, 2021

Cultivating a morning routine


One week into the new work year and I'm starting to nail down (and enjoy!) my new remote-WFH morning routine. The first few days I felt a bit anxious because of the chasmic eight-hour time difference between Oxford and Hong Kong, but no emergencies yet (knock on wood). It's important to me to get to a point where my work day does overlap with the Hong Kong office by at least two hours, so I'm going to continue refining my routine so I'm ready to be fully into my work day by 8 a.m. GMT. 

I've also decided to shift my focus in 2021 to self-improvement and self-awareness, something I think I need to check in on in my mid-life years. To that (selfish) end, I talked to a bunch of life coaches and mental health professionals to find out what their best tips are, and published these listicles on the Tatler Hong Kong site, just in case they can be of help to anyone else!