August 19, 2020

"Make content that makes you happy"

 Over the past few weeks I've been watching a lot of "content creator motivation"-type videos—and the common thread of advice that seems to run through all of them is: Make content that makes you happy. I've been making content professionally for 20 years—but always for brands and other people. I'm not even entirely sure what it means to make content that makes me (personally) happy—but darnit I'm going to try. So over the weekend I recorded a couple of semi-practical ideas-driven videos. Anyone who knows me or who has worked with me knows there's nothing I love more than a brainstorm that sparks a cool (or maybe wild and crazy left field) idea that is then translated into reality. I have these two sides of my brain that are in constant competition with each other—an ultra-practical, operational, problem-solving side and a really-out-there, ideating, kind-of-left-field silly side. In the rare moments that these two sides of my brain click and work in synergy is when I feel most fulfilled and productive.

Anyhoo, made these videos this weekend that are really different than other videos I've made before. I really enjoyed being more myself in these videos, even though I think maybe they're kinda weird for YouTube?