April 05, 2020

Supermarket trip to Don Don Donki

Here's my Sunday rainy day walk around Hong Kong and trip to Don Don Donki vlog.

Thank you so much for watching! Wishing you all the best and hope you and your loved ones are staying healthy and safe wherever you are.

Re: The current situation in Hong Kong

In Hong Kong, we're working from home and there are some social distancing regulations that are in place in restaurants (plus gyms, bars, and group recreational activity spots are closed until further notice), but stores are still open and people are still taking walks around the city in their spare time, taking into consideration personal distance and social distancing precautions. I feel super-grateful that Hong Kong is in the position to be mostly open and operating. We're all hoping the situation improves soon, all over the world.

I tried out a new kind of face mask this weekend: It's a non-surgical paper-cloth face mask that's made for consumers (don't worry, it's nowhere near a surgical-grade or first-responder mask, we have been super careful about making sure we're not consuming resources that should be allocated to hospitals and front line professionals). I like it a lot: it's called the n94 mask and it's made in Korea. I bought mine at Sasa, the beauty products store here in Hong Kong.