April 19, 2020

Sunday blog

On weekends I like to go for walks. Mostly it's to get my steps and Vitamin D in, but also I like to spend some of my free time browsing shops, getting coffees, and people-watching. I'm not really into trails and plants and bugs, so I usually prefer walking around the city: in, through, and around man-made structures like malls. This morning (Sunday) I went to Pacific Place for a coffee and was really heartened to find that after weeks of abridged opening hours, half the shops in the mall were already open by 10:30 a.m.. I want to believe that this is a good sign we are slowly, carefully inching towards a return-ish to normal-ish, at least in the retail sector in Hong Kong, where we've been very lucky, after the hard work of both the government and the community, to have only had single-digit infections every day this past week.