March 01, 2020

What I do when I don't feel like going to the gym

On really tough days, putting on shark pants (from Aviator Nation) helps me get motivated.
I probably only feel like going to the gym about 65 percent of the time I should be going to the gym, which is not bad I guess considering where I was this time last year, going to the gym and feeling like going to the gym 0 percent (or negative percent, is that a thing) of the time. Here's what I do now in the mornings when I don't feel like going to the gym, with the objective end goal of getting to the gym.
  • Get dressed and get ready to go to the gym, telling myself the whole time that while I don't feel like going to the gym right now maybe I'll feel like it after I put my cool sneakers on
  • Sit down and watch some YouTube videos of weight loss journeys or workout apparel reviews to get my motivation up
  • Negotiate with myself: If I don't go to the gym this morning, that means I'll need to get my steps in tonight, which means I'll need to carry all my workout clothes and shoes to the office. I hate schlepping stuff, and I'll pretty much do anything to avoid schlepping.
  • Remind myself that I've come so far in the past seven months and I've spent so much time and money on this process that one more day at the gym will only bring me one step closer to my goals
  • I really like my pre-workout (from Alani Nu) so I tell myself that I can't drink my delicious artificial-fruit-flavored pre-workout if I don't go to the gym
  • Tell myself that I'll just get on the treadmill for 30 to 45 minutes and then if I'm really still not feeling it, then I can leave early. Inevitably, I feel much better after 30 minutes on the treadmill and I do the full hour or 90 minutes
So yes, reading this list back, I guess it all boils down to speaking to myself as if I'm retraining myself slash talking to a child. Going to the gym and exercising restraint over my diet and lifestyle choices doesn't come naturally to me, but it's a life improvement skill I'm working on developing every day.