February 06, 2020

Videos and video games

Today's mask is video games. I bought it online at Vogmask.
I'm not sure any of us are entirely convinced that these face masks work—but we're all wearing them anyway. I resisted for the first few days until (1) most workplaces made mask-wearing compulsory and (2) I realized that people on the MTR look at you like you're a pariah if you're not wearing a mask. We had a few boxes of those blue-and-white paper-ish masks at the office, so I used those for a few days. They're not... the most reassuring? And when I ran out, the stores were also sold out, so I ordered a whole batch of these fabric-y valve-y masks online for overnight delivery from Vogmask. They're a little more comfortable than the disposable masks and are definitely more "me" in the silly-looks department. The only drawback is they're very sweaty, but I guess that's the point, to strictly limit what gets in and out.

One of my favorite people in the world (and one of my best friends from grad school) Andrew Doyle was on the Joe Rogan podcast that dropped today and I'm so excited because the Joe Rogan Experience is one of my favorite podcasts. Check out Andrew discussing woke culture here:

And one of my other best friends Susan Yara just launched a podcast about mom-life. It's so great—I've listened to the first two episodes all the way through even though I'm not a mom! Check out the FAM (For All Moms) podcast here: