February 02, 2020

Sunday steps

I didn't take enough steps yesterday (self-care Saturday) so after 90 minutes at the gym this morning, I took myself for a walk around Causeway Bay and took some photos. It was a good perspective-resetting exercise for me: taking a look around one of the busiest parts of the city, especially on a Sunday, and thinking more about details than about any anxiety or emotions I've been caught up in while living here through one of the most interesting times in the city's recent history.

Final tally: 24,796 steps.

Side street in Wan Chai, Hong Kong - February 2, 2020

Unmanned bad spirit chaser-awayer kiosk under the overpass in Causeway Bay - February 2, 2020

Pink building, Causeway Bay - February 2, 2020

Circular pink overpass, Causeway Bay - February 2, 2020

I think I'm standing in front of Ikea in this selfie

I love the Chinese New Year orange trees everywhere, still.

Victoria Park on a Sunday - February 2, 2020

The colors on this building in Causeway Bay