January 30, 2020

Wearing socks to sleep

Outside my office window in Wong Chuk Hang.
Everyone told me that it'd be cold in Hong Kong in January, but I didn't really believe them. But it's been, like, 54 degrees out every day this week and, somehow, 54 degrees in Hong Kong doesn't feel quite as temperate as 54 degrees in New York. So I've been wearing socks to sleep, which is something I've hated doing all my life, but, somehow, here it works for me? Although this morning I woke up with a bug bite on my ankle. Did something bite me through my pineapple socks? I obsessed over that for a solid 20 minutes this morning.

One of the good things about wearing a face mask all day long is that it keeps my face warm. It would be nice if there was a pollution mask that incorporated some kind of skincare stuff on the face side. Should I put on a facial treatment underneath? An anti-aging pollution mask would be great.