January 28, 2020

Super boring daily blogging

Central, Hong Kong - January 27, 2020
I've been going to the gym a lot over the past six months—I started in July 2019 when protests started to take place on a more regular basis on evenings and weekends, and it became harder and harder to make and keep social plans. I needed something to do outside work and, let's be real, I needed to get into a regular workout routine, too. So since July, I've been weight training three times a week and trying to get 13,000-plus steps in each day. Yesterday I pushed 120 kg (265 lbs) on the prowler!

In the beginning, I was listening to music—Apple Music playlists, 90s Essentials, Kanye, Whitney Houston, favorites like that. More recently, I've started binge-listening podcasts while I'm walking around town or on the treadmill (13 percent incline, 6 kph, 90 minutes). My favorite podcasts include:
I'm not sure I'm one of those people who retain a ton of information from audio—which I guess I thought I might be, I've always been great at remembering song lyrics. I'm much better at remembering things when I can process them through at least three senses: for example, if I need to remember a quote or an idea, I'll read it silently, read it out loud so I can hear it, and then write it down for touch. Three senses.

In the past two days I've listened to two different podcast episodes wherein the host has interviewed Seth Godin. This is a guy who has a lot of smart observations and ideas, and one of them is that everyone should blog everyday. So I'm going to try. It's something I've aspired to do since, oh my god, what, 2006? Since I was in my late-20s, for sure. And now I'm in my 40s. Maybe I'll have more to say. Or maybe not. Maybe it will just be an exercise in super-boring daily blogging. I guess that would be OK, too.

Side idea: I love those podcasts I mention above because they're mostly one-on-one interview-based, super-longform, productivity and ideas-oriented, and actionable. I would love to learn more about women who are podcasting in this space. Please @ me on Twitter if you have any recommendations (@danicalo).

P.S. I've also always intended to post more regularly on YouTube, will work on that.