December 13, 2018

Reasons I love Aspen

I'm in Aspen for the seventh time—I love it here. It's the quintessential (super rich, very fancy) small American town and if I had a bazillion dollars I could see myself living here, at least part of the year. Here's an incomplete and very random list of reasons I love Aspen, Colorado.

  1. The manageable, walk-able size of town.
  2. Hickory House Barbecue (get the ribs)
  3. The shopping (all the usual luxury suspects)
  4. Speaking of shopping, there's an Aviator Nation here, they make my favorite sweatpants in the world.
  5. The relaxed outdoor recreation culture
  6. You don't need to dress up, pretty much ever. 
  7. The Food & Wine Classic in Aspen is the best food festival in America.
  8. The luxury condos and all the marble and dark wood furniture.
  9. The luxury hotels and hotel dining. I love a good hotel lobby bar and this place has them in spades.
  10. Great restaurants everywhere
  11. The oxygen bar at the St. Regis is one of my favorite places, having those tubes stuck up my nose and lounging in a pile of faux fur blankets makes me feel like Edina from AbFab.
  12. The air
  13. All the people I've ever met who live here full-time are A+++++ humans.