November 24, 2018

Things I've accomplished

I've officially been on staycation for five days now and I've accomplished... not that much? I have managed to spend some quality catch-up time with friends, though, so that's something. And I got my brother to help me bring a bunch of stuff down to Goodwill this afternoon—he spent the whole time lecturing me about how I should just find someone to sell my clothes online for me, instead, but really I'd much prefer the tax write-off.

Today (Black Friday) I wrote a story, went out for sushi at Sugarfish, then a coffee at Think, and then a chair massage at the spa down the street.

Here's what I bought online this week:

  • Simone Rocha cardigan (versatile)
  • Comme des Garcons dress (not on sale)
  • L.L. Bean fleece vest (not on sale)
  • Cath Kidston alpaca print dress, for work (alpacas!)

Ended the day sharing a bottle of 2017 Raats Chenin Blanc (a gift from Luvo Ntezo) with my brother and my sister-in-law.