November 06, 2018

The 5 Best Things I Bought in 2018. So Far.

These are the 5 best new-to-me things I bought in 2018. So far. That I can think of just sitting here at my desk at 11 p.m. on a Monday. That said, there are still a few weeks left to the year and I wouldn't put it past myself to get my hands on that cat bag.

1. Prada nylon backpack: Bought sometime over the summer so I could wear it walking to work every morning. And then it was, like, 100,000 degrees and humid every single day. I've still gotten plenty of use out of it, though. It's my go-to daily carry bag and super-convenient for travel, sightseeing, and shopping.

Fabric backpack, available at

2. A $319 computer: I was thrilled in 2017 when I got my hands on a brand new Macbook Pro. So thrilled that I ordered a souped-up turbo version that cost more than $3,000. Fast forward just one year later and after spilling a tiny amount of water on the keyboard... RIP Macbook Pro. I've been using an older Macbook Air ever since, but recently went looking for a better keyboard experience (Mac hadn't released any new laptops yet), so I picked up a $319 machine from Lenovo—a Chromebook specially designed for elementary school children; it has a 360-degree rotating tablet touchscreen and a waterproof keyboard. Now I can snack and drink near my laptop as much as I want, without fear. Best $319 I've ever spent.

Lenovo 300e, available at

3. This 64 oz. water bottle from S'well: OK, I have, like, 100 S'well bottles that I've gotten for free in gift bags, as PR presents, and as random gifts from other humans—and even though I love how easy they are to clean and how cool they keep drinks all day, they are so heavy, so I never really carry them around. All that backstory definitely makes the next statement seem like nonsense, but I love the 64 oz. S'well bottle. It's like the size of a gallon milk jug, but it's made of dense, multi-walled stainless steel. It's crazy heavy and keeps water cold all day. I never take it anywhere, it just sits on my desk at home. It makes me feel virtuous everyone I need to refill it. It helps me drink more water.

S'well 64 oz. bottle, available at

4. Artis Elite Mirror Palm Brush Mini: If you travel a lot and need makeup brushes to, well, apply your makeup in the mornings (people who can apply makeup with their hands or those tiny included applicators are magical unicorns), buying great travel brushes will completely upgrade your luggage situation. My favorite brushes come from Artis (my favorite drugstore brushes come from Real Techniques) and recently I bought a teeny tiny version of my favorite-favorite Artis Palm brush, and now all I use, even when I'm home, is the tiny Palm.

Elite MIrror Palm Brush Mini, available at

5. This ridiculous swimsuit: I fell in love with this swimsuit at first sight. I remember exactly where I was, I was sitting on my terrace at the Surfrider Malibu looking at Surfrider tagged Instagram posts when I saw it—and ordered it immediately. I didn't debut it til Memorial Day, in Turks & Caicos while on vacation with some friends. The truth is I've never been super-confident about going out in public in swimwear, but there's something so unapologetic about this super-bold Barbie-inspired print. I feel wrapped in confidence when I'm wearing it.

Pipeline zip one-piece, available at