November 19, 2018

Staycation To-Do List

Currently on my first staycation in... years? I have three days off, then Thanksgiving with the family, then one day off, then the weekend. So many days, lots of things I'm hoping to get to that I don't usually have time for, including but not limited to:
  1. Actually going to the gym
  2. Cleaning my apartment and hauling a huge clothing drop-off to Housing Works
  3. Recycling a bunch of electronics
  4. Figuring out my shoe storage situation
  5. Visiting my friend Rachel's new-ish shop The Goods Mart for the first time
  6. Having lunch with freelance friends
  7. Going for infrared wraps as often as possible
  8. Making a YouTube video of something
  9. Try to launch something tiny on Shopify, just to see how the platform works
  10. Catching up on all the writing I need to do that I can't get done in the office
  11. Drinking coffees in coffee shops
I did have momentary cabin fever panic over the weekend and tried to book a weekend trip up to New Hampshire, but with it being one of the busiest travel weekends in the calendar year, no go. It's all for the better, I think, staying in town over the four-day weekend. New York is glorious in the winter when it's quiet.