November 14, 2016

Some things I made recently

Stream of consciousness blah blah blah: Quiet weekend, quiet Monday. Kind of concerned about the Bannon appointment, but work is a good distraction. Two good friends moving out of New York this week and next. It's kind of a weird feeling when you're pretty sure that when you're say goodbye to someone, it's going to be the last time you'll ever see them. I think it's normal thing, though, this mid-to-late-30s NYC exodus of media industry types. All my friends want me to go west, but I think I'll head the other way, instead. Here are some things I've made in the past couple of days.

Marie ClaireBoots boots boots

Food & WineLong live the White House vegetable garden

Food & WineRemember this guy?

Food & WineThe great White House chef mystery

And then, some random thoughts.