October 31, 2016

Back in action, sorta

Kicked off the week (Halloween Monday!) with a meeting downtown this morning. I've been having some trouble with the space-time continuum today; for the past four hours I've thought it was 1 p.m. I think this has something to do with flying—I always feel pretty wonky and dehydrated 24 hours after any flight. Current status: Eating sliced mango at my desk and contemplating taking a little nap after I write my next Food & Wine story. Having dinner with a friend tonight at BENIHANA (He forwarded me the Opentable reservation without comment this morning. I think this is his idea of a good sense of humor.).

But first, catch-up on my last couple of days at Graceland.

The day I bought a lot of postcards.

The day I saw some ducks in a lobby.