September 29, 2016

Unicorns and super-long train rides

Hello from the other side (Canada). I'm currently in Jasper National Park in Alberta. I've been on a train, the Rocky Mountaineer, for two days (without wifi and only the spottiest of network connectivity), so haven't been writing or posting as much as usual. Someone emailed me this morning and said she's been really enjoying reading the "Danica stories" going up on Food & Wine lately, ha ha. Here are some new "Danica stories" that have been published over the past couple of days...

I'm really pleased with this story on the Food & Wine site—that has nothing to do with either food or wine. It's actually about unicorns and some of Scotland's amazing mystical creature legends.

Food & WineScotland's national animal is the unicorn, and other fun facts

Food & WineAlso, here are some fun facts about Cleopatra

Also, two days on a train: