September 18, 2016

Some thoughts away from home

We were just arriving at dinner last night when I saw on Twitter that a bomb had exploded in Chelsea, very close to where my apartment is in New York. It's hard to be away from home and surrounded by strangers when something like this happens. I'm so glad that there are no reported fatalities and that people I know are all okay. I can't help but think about how much our media and culture have normalized violence as an emotional outlet for people who feel disenfranchised and like they have nowhere else to turn. The national discourse in this country has also reached a fever pitch of extremism over the past two years, and it seems that a lot of the anger channeled away from productive discourse and into antisocial behavior has roots in poor community structures and recent past failures in our country's system of education. Oftentimes I think that the "how we got here" matters less than the "what do we do now," and I believe that no matter what we're reaping today from decades of bravado and indifference, siphoning funds away from underserved communities and schools and into unnecessary wars, vanity projects, and protecting special corporate relationships and interests, going forward we need to reinvest in the future by investing in the next generation—strengthening communities through empowering women and putting serious money behind quality education from a young age to ensure that children now who will be adults in a decade or two know better and do better than this generation.