September 03, 2016

Practicing vlogging in Liverpool

You guys, there's so much footage I shoot every day that never sees the light of day because it's either awkward, makes no sense, or is just not very good (too dark, too blurry, badly framed). I'd LOVE to get better at vlogging, so I've been practicing a lot while I've been here in the UK walking around and seeing new things.

Some things I'm working on:
— Figuring out my background music so it doesn't drown out the microphone.
— Knowing what to shoot and what not to shoot
— Figuring out what makes for a compelling short vlog. OK, I'll even take "vaguely not boring"—"compelling" may be a reach
— Being brave enough to talk to my iPhone in public
— Bring brave enough to talk to my camera in public
— Thinking of something to say that doesn't come off as too rambling on camera
— Waiting on the new MacBook Pro release to get that and get Final Cut Pro
— Learn to use Final Cut Pro