October 01, 2016

Our hotel in Banff is totes haunted

Just arrived in Banff an hour ago and I cannot wait to find out more about the haunted-ness of this hotel. I hear there are some friendly ghosts in residence—like Sam the Bellman—and some troubled souls (like the bride who tripped down the steps on her wedding day, caught fire, and died). Hands down, the scariest ghost story I've heard about this hotel is that on the fourth floor there is one room that the hotel will not allow a single woman to stay in on her own. Legend has it that years ago a mother was bathing her baby in the bathtub when the phone rang. When she left the bathroom to answer the phone, the baby drowned. And reports have it that every time a woman stays in that room on her own, the ghost of the baby crawls into bed with her and wants to cuddle.

How. Scary. Is. That.


Here's something else I made recently for Harper's BazaarPicking the best pieces from the Coach 1941 runway show

And my little travel day vlog, starting in Jasper and winding up in Banff, visiting glaciers and other beautiful things along the way.

Here's what we did the day before (spoiler: mostly just chilled out in Jasper National Park and took a boat to Spirit Island)