September 23, 2016

Complaints Dept.

Food & WineHow will we ever go on

Food & WineThere's a new book out about restaurants

(I'm definitely buying that Wayne Wang Chinese food documentary on iTunes and watching it omw to Canada tomorrow.)

Speaking of restaurants.

In my top-ten list of pet peeves (which also includes loose change, coworkers whistling in the office, being asked to work for free, and people in my building just leaving things on the floor of the trash room instead of depositing garbage in the chute), this is, hands down, my biggest pet peeve. And it happens to me probably at least three times each week.

Friend or other person: Hey, want to get breakfast/coffee/lunch/dinner/drinks?

Me: Sure! Let me know what time and where and I'll be there!

Friend or other person: Oh, I don't mind, anywhere, you pick! Let me know.

No. No, no, no, no, no. Insert deadpan-face emoji here. Come on. We're in New York and I know you have access to the internet because you're texting me. I think the firm rule should be that: If you do the asking, you should at least have some idea of what to do and where to go.