August 05, 2016

Sweatpants of the Day: League brand "Chelsea" pants

I have two pairs of League sweatpants, and they are two of my favorites. Sure, both pairs are Dartmouth sweatpants, so I'm emotionally biased based on decoration and collegiate allegiance alone, but objectively they are also just great sweatpants: not too thick, not too thin, soft and fleecy on the inside, and constructed of a cotton-poly blend that never gets too stiff after a wash. Also great: the not-too-tight ankle elastic, and smart details like the lie-flat (not puffy) waistband, a non-contrasting drawstring, and cute sporty branding that looks a little retro. And while I do like the newfangled sweatpants movement that's been on the up-and-up, mostly in SoCal, since around 2004-2005, when I'm home in the northeast, I prefer a more traditionalist sweatpant silhouette. I also find that the more traditional collegiate sweats wash well and last longer than their more expensive California nouveau-sweat cousins—which usually run 200 to 300% higher in price, pill and fade faster, and sometimes come apart at the seams.

These Dartmouth women's "Chelsea D" sweatpants are $48.99 at the Dartmouth Coop