August 29, 2016

I think I need to stop using background music

...Because the music is always too loud? Maybe it's because I filmed this on my iPhone and the mic isn't super-great (that could be because I have a giant silicone cat case on my phone, I dunno).

I'm in Edinburgh! Just for a few days, though, before heading to points south. It's gorgeous here—I haven't been here since I was a little kid, see:

I'm also working on a series of video desksides (which is a media industry term for one-on-one in-office appointments brand reps make with editors and writers to present new products), and two are rolling out this week. It's a brand new thing and they're definitely a work in progress—man, is my Canon lens fish-eye-y—but I'm super excited to be experimenting, doing videos using resources I have on hand. Some of my favorite things to watch on YouTube are collabs and interviews (even super-serious nutritious ones like the panel discussions on Showstudio), so I'm really excited to play around with the discussion format a little bit, just to see how it goes.