August 08, 2016

How I get ideas

— Read everything on the internet all day long
— Watch hours of YouTube on my iPad, constantly refreshing my "Recommended" queue
— Drink black coffee, stare at the wall
— Take long showers, talk to myself
— Read Twitter in the bath
— Only watch really bad fictional films like romcoms
— Only watch documentaries (I'm obsessed with the documentaries feed on YouTube)
— Browse my bookshelf and reread the first five pages of a few different books
— Go to Whole Foods at 7 a.m.
— Read interviews with famous writers who have won literary prizes
— Read the Guardian's books section
— Go to Best Buy. There's hardly ever anyone there and nobody bothers you.
— Browse the Colette website
— Check vacation package deals on Travelzoo
— Chew gum
— Go to England, walk around in the countryside and eat large breakfasts for a week
— Order things from Marks & Spencer
— Think about absurd and impossible everyday things and where they came from