July 17, 2016

Questions my reflexologist asked me in the last hour

— How many police officers were killed in Baton Rouge?
— What is happening in America?
— Do you have a boyfriend?
— Why don't you have a boyfriend? 
— Are you going to try to find a boyfriend?
— Do you want to have kids?
— It's not too late to have kids in your 40s!
— Do you have a Ph.D?
— What were you so busy doing in your 20s that you didn't get married?
— How much did you pay for your apartment?
— How many square feet is your apartment?
— Do you like your new job?
— What are you going to do next?
— What do you do? (Cue: me trying to explain what a "Digital Director at a fashion news B2B" is in Mandarin, a language I speak at the conversational level of a 5-year-old)
— Do you work out?
— Aren't there a lot of gyms around here?
— Why don't you run outside in the mornings?

Now I need a nap.