May 25, 2016

Two things I love about jet lag

1. A half day to myself before my real day even begins: I don't mind the London-to-New-York jet lag at all—waking up at 4 a.m. the first few days I'm back in NY, I get at least five hours to myself, to think, to cook breakfast, to catch up on YouTube, to blog, before I have to go to the office and face real life. So far this week I've cooked THREE breakfasts (egg + toast + beans, egg + beans, omelette + salad) which feels like a luxury during the work week.

2. A really good excuse for turning in early: As an old, I prefer to fill my evenings with dinner parties, catchup dinners with friends, or (my favorite) nothing at all. Nothing better than a teeny tiny bit of jet lag (and that aforementioned waking-up-at-4-a.m.) to use as an excuse to beg off party plans and, instead, spending a quiet night at home (and going to bed at 9:30). Insert heart emoji here.