March 01, 2016

Wannabe YouTuber

Over the past few months, outside of work and even though I'm old, I've really rededicated myself to watching videos on the Internet—specifically videos made by popular vloggers. Some of my favorites include Zoella, iJustine, Casey Neistat, and Zoe's boyfriend Alfie. I guess I love YouTube for the same reasons everyone else loves it: on-demand, bite-sized programming that doesn't feel canned or too contrived. It's high-energy (or low-energy for you fans of ASMR out there) and vloggers cover everything these days—last week I watched a lot of what-fits-in-my-handbag videos and this week I'm back to regularly scheduled daily vlog programming. I also watch a lot of YouTube from a media person's point of view—with sort of a curiosity about what makes the next generation tick, how millennials communicate, exchange ideas, and are building an entirely new medium from the ground up by sheer force of will (a mass movement).

I'd be lying if I said I didn't want to make YouTube videos of my own—and I have, here and there. I loved making snack videos with my old coworkers at Glamour, like this one where we taste-tested mystery chips:

But I started a new job about a month ago and I don't really have any good friends yet at work (plus I'm not sure I'm ready to show my new team my newfangled packaged-food-obsessive side yet) so I haven't done any group snack videos in a while. I miss making them! So much so I was thinking about getting my siblings involved in a jelly bean taste test video (but I'm not sure we share the same sensibilities or weird senses of humor).

Anyway, I think now that I'm in a new office environment, I might have to strike out on my own and come up with at-home talking-to-the-camera YouTube videos to make. I made a makeup one the other day, just for kicks (top), and I'm thinking of slightly more offbeat ideas I can put together. Maybe I will do something with Peeps. I also wonder all the time whether I'm too old to be doing this YouTube thing, but maybe not? Let's see.