November 05, 2015

Before coffee thoughts, Day 3: Readiness confidence

Currently eating organic-paleo almond-crusted chicken fingers left over from my Hu Kitchen dinner last night for breakfast and waiting for my coffee to cook.

For a few hours this past weekend, I fell into an internet black hole of Casey Neistat YouTube videos—they're kind of amazing. One that's really stuck with me and that I can't stop thinking about over the past few days is the episode right before the NYC marathon where one of his friends surprises him with a bib and he realizes he has to run a marathon the next day without any targeted training.

It's this video:

This is the thing Neistat says that I can't stop turning over in my head: "It's not that I can't run a marathon, I can run a marathon anytime. I maintain a permanent state of marathon readiness."

For some reason, that idea—maintaining a permanent state of marathon readiness—has been super-motivating for me this week. I've always believed that one of my biggest weaknesses is that I've never maintained a permanent state of any physical readiness for anything. Mental readiness, yes—put me in any meeting, any brainstorm, nearly any strategy situation within a reasonable content scope, and I would feel fairly confident about taking whatever information's available and parsing it into something solutions-oriented, outside the box, creative, strategic, organized, well-argued, and well-reasoned. But for anything physical—athletic, aesthetic, first-impression-ish—I'm at a complete loss, I need days/weeks/months notice, and I'll probably procrastinate prep and training until 36 hours beforehand, wherein I'll crash-diet and maybe manage to get to the gym once...maybe. So tl;dr, watching Neistat do stuff in his videos—and seeing how he approaches daily life in his vlogs—has made me think a lot about what I can do to get to a similar place of readiness confidence.