November 03, 2015

Before coffee thoughts, Day 1: Inside-head thoughts only

Every morning, I can tell immediately how the day is going to go as soon as I look in the mirror. Well, maybe this isn't completely true, but it's usually the first thing I ask myself when I brush my teeth—How is today going to go?—and I check my skin tone, how bloated I feel (which is usually directly related to what I ate for dinner the night before, it was fried chicken last night, so I have fried chicken face today), whether my eyes look tired, and if my brows need a once-over with some tweezers.

I'm going to try a new routine this fall. It's inspired by YouTubers who commit to vlogging every single day for a set period of time. I can't imagine doing that because I just don't feel like I have the time to edit a video every single day—not to mention I'm not even sure what I would vlog about (Day: I got up, I went to work on public transportation or on foot depending on how ambitious I'm feeling, now I'm at work, then I ate something, now I'm sleeping). But what I can do—and what I think would be a useful exercise to get me to organize my thoughts and take some time for myself everyday instead of springing out of bed and immediately veering into job-task mode—is type something in the morning.

The thing these days is meditation. People ask me all the time if I meditate. Usually these people are my friends from LA. I don't meditate. I'm not sure I could do that. I would probably fall asleep. Not sure if that's a bad thing, I haven't Googled it. But maybe typing things out can be my meditation moment. At least for now.

The only catch here is that the only time I have to myself, really, is way early in the morning, before my coffee is ready and while I'm drinking my coffee. So maybe these thoughts will be completely disjointed (which, at a glance, so far, they totally are) and random and embarrassing to read later on. But I'm thinking of this as an exercise for my brain—to get it back into writing about things that aren't culled from my RSS reader or sourced from outside my head. Inside-head thoughts only.

Here are some things I'm thinking about this morning.

WOTY: Glamour's Women of the Year Awards are coming up in a week. I'm spearheading the digital content arm of this year's organization and it's been epic, but one of the most rewarding things I've worked on in my entire career so far. I've been in rooms with some of the best minds in both our business and the political/newsmaking world at large. Sometimes I can't believe how far removed I feel from my near-past as a fashion editor.

Coffee: I'm really glad I finally organized my kitchen this weekend. I haven't really cooked anything in my kitchen since before I left for South Dakota last month, because it's been a mess and I haven't had the patience. But this weekend I put things on my new spice racks and put all my dishes away and now I'm back to making coffee in my Bialetti again (Illy coffee, my favorite) and so now in the morning when I wake up I don't feel an overwhelming sense of despair at having to go outside to get an unsatisfying coffee. Glad to be self-coffee-sufficient again.

Gym: I have a lot to do. I've had a lot to do over the past 10 months, and I haven't really had enough time to do all of it. So I've been skipping out on things I need to do for myself to do the things I need to do for work. tl;dr I haven't been to the gym in months because I haven't had time or energy. But I need to figure out how to fit normal things into my day. Instead of starting work at 7 a.m., I'm going to block off my mornings and start work at 8:30 instead. A tiny bit of compartmentalizing will maybe help me keep things in line.