October 04, 2014

Semi Homemade Dinner Idea: A 4-Ingredient 30-Minute Meal

I'm usually not one for cooking with pre-packaged sauces, but I'm sort of in love with how easy it is to get dinner on the table using Campbell's new Soups for Easy Cooking—sort of the modern version of using condensed soup in stews and soups (I grew up in the '80s and have the fondest early memories of steamed broccoli with cream of mushroom). 

Earlier this week, I popped by Rustico Cooking for a quick demo of the brand-new product—and got to try it out, hands-on. To make quick chicken enchiladas, I rolled diced chicken, grated cheese, and some of the Mexican tomato soup into a tortilla, laid them in a casserole, poured some more tomato soup and cheese on top, and baked it in the oven for 30 minutes. Easy and delicious!

My takeaway? The Campbell's product made things easy and delicious, but you'd just as easily be able to replicate this recipe without Campbell's—if you prefer to season your own tomato puree, that is. I'd go with a simple basil-oregano-garlic trifecta.