October 03, 2014

Cookbook obsession of the day: Homemade Decadence by Joy The Baker

I've seen a lot of cookbooks in my time—and not just because I spend waaay too much time in the food section at Barnes & Noble. For months, when I worked as the editor of a major food website, books would land on my desk in heaping boxes. I love cookbooks, so I'd examine them all. And while some of them were gorgeously shot, elaborately written, expensively and beautifully produced, there were only a handful I'd ever get truly excited about cooking from, myself. 

See, while I'm sure there are lots of home cooks who love learning complex new techniques and sourcing rare ingredients, I'm 100 percent on the opposite side of the spectrum: My preference is for delicious, familiar, and simple recipes that yield great well-made meals. Confronted with teeny-tiny fonts and prose that reads like an organic chemistry textbook? My eyes (and brain) glaze over.

This week, Joy The Baker's new book Homemade Decadence landed on my desk—and it's perfect. For me, that is. 

I love that the ingredients lists are manageable and familiar, I love that the preparation instructions don't go on for more than (at most) a couple of pages, and most of all, I love that there are big, beautiful, colorful photos (it drives me bananas when cookbooks have no photos, what's up with that?). 

The recipes I'm most excited about trying from Joy's new book? Her cinnamon-sugar pull-apart cake, vanilla bean confetti cookies, her breakfast cobbler with oatmeal drop biscuits (so easy), and the three-layer mint chocolate chip cake. 

Pick up a copy of Joy's book Homemade Decadence right now at Amazon.com and get cooking!