September 18, 2014

Christopher Kane remembers Louise Wilson

“Soon after Louise died, we found a box of photos dating back to my time on the MA at Saint Martins,” says Christopher Kane. “There were pictures of me in Louise’s office, of Tammy trying on clothes I was making in my bedroom. Because of those 18 months on the MA, because of meeting and being taught by Louise, I am where I am today. There were dresses that I was making then, things that were not shown, that featured coils, cords and ropes. I decided to revisit them, that simple cord idea sparking other thoughts. There are ‘controlled explosion’ dresses, with explosions of tulle intrinsic to their structure, like they are about to take off. There are other explosions, where dresses are deconstructed and seeming to fall apart, their boning exposed – these have been developed and grown from really old drawings from that time. We have started to revisit ourselves in our collections; this is something that has changed. Here, we are looking back to our time with Louise, but also looking forward. Finding those pictures from the MA, this collection was meant to happen.”