September 23, 2014

Blog obsession of the day: Culinary BroDown on Epicurious

It's no secret that CulinaryBroDown is one of my favorite up-and-coming food bloggers on the entire internet. He writes for Epicurious sometimes. Here's his latest—an ode to his friend's mom's Pav Bhaji. And here are my favorite lines from the story:

· "The night progressed as planned — beer pong, king's cup, listening to Usher's "Yeah" on repeat for six hours — standard teenage kickback accoutrements."

· "We were too drunk to drive, too lazy to walk the requisite 1.5 miles, and too stupid to realize that we easily could have called a cab. That left us with two options: raid the fridge or eat Brandon."

· "I drove down to a local Indian grocery store to pick up all the requisite ingredients. I also bought a bunch of Indian sweets to fuel me through the cooking process, because eating candy for breakfast is a responsible, adult decision."

· "This is the gestaltian moment where all the individual parts become one, and you look down at the pot and go, 'Oh yeah, that’s why I’ve been doing this for the last hour instead of watching college football.'"

· "I even threw in an extra half stick of butter because I don't care about my body."

· "Even though I don't have the expertise and deft hands of an experienced cook, I do have an insatiable urge to make every recipe into a glorified Taco Bell item, which is what led to the pav bhaji chalupa."